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Puppy & Kitty Party Ideas

Fun party ideas for a Puppy and Kitty birthday party. 

Great theme for kids who love animals, twins and siblings. 

Ideas for invitations, decorations, party games, activities, food, party favors and more. 

Puppy / Kitty Invitations

On blank white note cards draw two sets of whiskers - one a little taller for the dog and another for the kitty.

Paste scrapbook cutouts or stickers of puppies and kitties on blank note cards. 

Draw puppy and kitten paw prints across the cards with a marker or stamp on with a paw print stamp.


Puppy and Kitty Party Decoration Ideas

Tie white, black and pink helium balloons to the mailbox so guests will know where the party is located.  Cut out puppy and kitty paw prints from white or black poster board (or print them off the computer) and tape them down leading up to the party entrance. 





Decorate the party table with white table cloths, red (or pink) plates, cups and napkins and black flatware.  Tie white black, pink or red helium balloons around the party area or tie curling ribbon to the balloons and let them float on the ceiling for kids to play with during the party.

Instead of plates use new clean dog/cat dishes for the kids plates.  They can also use these if you are serving ice cream & cake.  They also make a nice goody bag to hold party favors when the party is over. 


Animal Shelter Helper Scavenger Hunt

A great party idea, and one that will help animals. is having guests bring a kitty or puppy item to the party that can be donated to a local animal shelter. Ask them on the invitation to bring used clean towels, blankets, treats, toys and collars to the party. Make a trip to your local shelter during the party if you have time to give them the items. If you don't have time during the party take pictures with of the birthday child giving the shelter the items and send it to guests with a thank you card.


Here is our Animal Shelter Scavenger Hunt - use the list to collect more items for the shelter around your neighborhood.



Puppy and Kitty Party Activities


Face painting

Use face paint to make the guests look like either a kitty or puppy.  Draw on whiskers, black noses, fur and spots.   See our free recipe for homemade face paint 


Puppy and Kitty Party Games


Mouse and Bone Treasure Hunt

Before the party buy lots of plastic mice and dog treat bones.  Hide them around the birthday party area.  During the party give each guest a paper bag and ask them to search and find all the hidden bones and mice.  When all the items have been found let the guests turn them in for prizes - or you can write a number on some of the items that correspond with a prize and they can turn them in for the prize that matches the number on their item.  


Kitty Litter Relay

Fun game where kids compete to fill their kitty litter box first.   Fill two large containers with sand and place them about 30 feet from the starting line.  At the staring line set up two tables with a see through plastic container on each table - these are the containers the kids have to fill with the sand.  Separate the kids into teams and give each team a plastic spoon.  


They will take the spoon, go to the large container where they will fill their spoon with sand and then they will run it back and dump it into their container or kitty litter box.   The first team that fills their container first wins.


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Puppy and Kitty Party Food Ideas

Ice cream sundaes served in clean, new pet dishes

Puppy Chow (Chex cereal covered in peanut butter, powdered sugar and chocolate)

Cut out food items with a bone or bow shaped cookie cutter - cookies, fruit, sandwiches, etc.



Puppy and Kitty Party Favor Ideas

Dog and cat tags


Puppy and Kitty ears

Hair bows

Hair brush

Plastic or stuffed puppy and kitty animals



Puppy and Kitty Goody / Loot Bag Ideas

New puppy and kitten dishes

Wicker basket

Wrap up party favors in a bandana and tie with rope or raffia

Colored paper bags with black pipe cleaners glued to the front to look like whiskers


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