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Teen Party Ideas & Themes

Teen party ideas - birthday party ideas for teenagers that are fun but a little more grown up. 
Any combination of these will make for a great teen party for teenage girl and boy parties ages 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 years old!  

Teen party ideas
Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Sweet 16 Party Themes

Sweet Sixteen Songs for sweet sixteen birthday parties and

Sweet 16 Lyrics  

Teen Icebreakers to get the party started 

Teenage Pool Party

Fun swimming pool party theme ideas for teenagers - complete party planning ideas with decoration, invitations, games, party favor and activity ideas for teen pool parties. 
Pool party ideas

Would You Rather Game
Fun party game for teenagers!  Over 200 fun questions!
Would You Rather Game

Minute To Win It Theme
Let the party guests compete with these fun Minute to Win It style party games!   There are 35 fun and challenging games to choose from - all are easy to set up and use common household items.    Set up game stations and give out prizes for the winners!  Make this your Teen party theme or incorporate them into your birthday theme. 
Teenage Minute to Win It Party Games

Teen Mystery Dinner
Crazy and fun! The teens are served a crazy dinner - and the fun is they don't know exactly what they are ordering until it comes out of the kitchen. By the third round they have started to figure out the clues and finally get something to eat. Sample menus and complete instructions for a mystery dinner party.

Teen Hotel Shopping Stay 
Choose a large hotel that is next to, adjacent or very close to a large shopping mall.  Give the girls, usually 2-3 girls plus the birthday girl, each a little money in a pretty coin purse or wallet so they can shop the mall.  Eat the birthday dinner at a restaurant inside the mall then after shopping and dinner swim in the hotel pool.  Set up fun teenage mall scavenger hunt as a little game as the teenagers shop.  There are 8 different mall scavenger hunts complete with instructions and free item lists to print out.  Our favorite among teens is the Freebie Mall Shopping Spree ... a free list of over 40 items the teenagers can collect that are all free at the mall. One of the most popular teenage girl birthday party ideas!

Take them to a nice restaurant or for more fun a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you, or reserve a private room in the restaurant.  

Teen Music Videos
Borrow several video cameras and let the kids make crazy videos of themselves dancing, singing to karaoke or just being themselves!   Edit and then make a DVD for each party guest.

Chocolate fountain
Simple idea, but teenagers love it!   Set out long toothpicks and bowls of strawberries, marshmallows,  fruit, graham crackers, Twinkies (our favorite!), rice krispie treats or anything that can be dipped in chocolate (which is pretty much everything!)  This is fun, festive and a real treat!  Just add music and dancing. 

Grown up video game arcade
like Dave and
Buster's.  Most have party plans and let the guests eat and get game coupons for a reduced price.  Lots of fun for teens!

Scavenger Hunt
We've listed a variety of fun scavenger hunts for your birthday party.  Traditional neighborhood scavenger hunts along with photo and video hunts also.  
Free scavenger hunt lists

8 Great Mall Scavenger Hunt for Teenagers
Teens are set loose inside the mall to find items from their list.  Many free scavenger hunts are listed - some use a video or digital camera.   Our freebie shopping spree lists over 40 things you can find at the mall for free ... if you look hard enough!  Free clues and lists are given for most of the hunts.  Just print out and go!

More young teen and teenage party themes are on our birthday themes page.

Teen Party Games

Send in your fun party ideas - 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 year olds!




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