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Project Runway Party Ideas


Project Runway party ideas



Birthday party ideas for a Project Runway themed birthday party.  Fun and easy ideas to make your party fabulous! 

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Project Runway Invitation Ideas
Make your own Project Runway invitations by gluing on scraps of fabric onto the front side of plain note cards.  Or cut one piece of fabric the size of the front of the note card and glue on the front at the top only. 


Write party information on the front of the card underneath the piece of fabric. 

Glue pieces of pretty measuring tapes to the front of note cards.

If you will be having a fashion challenge include a small piece of the fabrics or items they will be using so they can start thinking of a design before the party. 




Project Runway Party Decorations
Decorate the party with mannequins and/or dress forms.  Place feather boas, pearls, and other accessories on the mannequins and dress forms. 


Decorate the party table to look like a runway by placing a white or black table on the table and then placing a row of books down the center of the table - cover the books with the opposite color tablecloth that you used on the bottom of the table to give the runway depth. 


Helium balloons in white and blue make a party instantly fabulous or use Chinese lanterns. 


Set up several work stations for the guests to work on their projects.  You can have them spread out over the room or in the center so the guests face towards each other and can socialize as thy work on their projects. 


Set up a "Mood" store that will hold the items that the designers can choose from for their projects.


Drape yards of tulle around the party area in bright colors or blue and white for a elegant feel. 



Project Runway Party Games

Fashion Rounds

Have several fashion rounds where the guests have the opportunity to make fashion creations.  Divide into teams, or if you have enough dress forms let each guest have their own.  Or you can divide into teams of 2 and the team mates can alternate being designer and model for each round.  Assign each guest to a sewing station and provide each station with scissors, masking tape, needles and thread and measuring tape. 



Round 1 - Paper Bags
In the "Mood Store" set out all sizes and colors of paper bags for the guests to use to make a paper dress.  You can also set out different colors of ribbon, buttons and accessories for them to use to embellish their creation.  Give the guests 15 minutes or so to finish this round. 



Round 2 - Foiled Again
For this round designers get 1 or 2  rolls of aluminum foil and they must create a complete ensemble including shoes, dress, hat, jewelry, etc.  Foil can be used to make any style of garment ... give them help by suggesting high heel shoes, purses, bathing suits, pants, skirts, hair bows, etc.  Give them about 15 - 20 minutes for this round.


Round 3 - Birthday Madness

One of my favorite episodes of Project Runway was when the contestants had 15 minutes to shop in a party store and they could only use items from the store.  In the "Mood Store" set out lots of different party items - table cloths, hula skirts, napkins, cups, etc. - that the guests can use to create a fashion item.  Ask family and friends for old party items they won't use anymore or look at garage sales for some great (and strange!) items.
Give guests 5 minutes to pick out their items and about 20 minutes to create their design.


Round 4 - Fashion

Now that the designers have had some practice give them choices of fabric to choose from to make their creations.  You may want to already have these cut into yard lengths before the party.  Give them lots of fun embellishments to use such as fringe, feathers, trims and buttons.

Take pictures of all the designs and give them to guests as a party favor in a pretty frame.


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Funky Flip-flops
This is a fun craft and they guests get to take home their creations as a party favor!  See our Flip Flop craft page for full directions and instructions.






Project Runway Party Food
Set out a buffet of finger style foods for the kids to munch on as they are working or when they are finished with their projects.  Some good food choices are pretzel sticks, cheese, finger sandwiches, cookies and crackers.  Let them sip on sparkling cider from champagne glasses.   Have messy foods like chocolate, frostings and pizza after the sewing competitions




Party Favors
Small metal dress form
Dress form that holds jewelry
Sewing kit
Easy pattern with material for them to make at home
Book of paper dolls




Project Runway Goody Bag Ideas
Blue paper bags with the Project Runway logo on the front
Wrap party favors in pretty squares of fabric and tie with a pretty ribbon







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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