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Flower Birthday Ideas


A Flower themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate a kids birthday! 

Use these easy and fun party ideas that will make your Flower party special. 


Flower Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Flower Party Invitation Ideas

Buy plastic flowers with large petals and write party information on the petals of the flower with a permanent marker.  

Use a picture of the birthday child and use scrapbook papers to make it into an invitation using a garden background. 

Print out your party information - 4 to a page - cut them out and wrap the paper scroll style around the stem of a fake flower.  Secure with pipe cleaners. 



Flower Party Decoration Ideas

Tie helium balloons in pinks, oranges, yellows and greens to the mailbox so party guests will know where your Flower party is located.  

Line the walkway to the party with real or fake flowers.   Set up a display of watering cans and wheelbarrows at the party entrance. 
Cut green crepe paper streamers into 8 - 10” lengths and tape one end to the top of your birthday party tables, banisters and mantel so they hang down and look like grass.  Cut the strips in different lengths.

Decorate the room with lots of flowers - real or artificial. 






Flower Party Craft Ideas

Flower Flip Flop Craft

Decorate green flip flops with bright flower print fabric.  Complete instructions
are on our website - Flip Flop Craft

Flower Pens
Buy artificial flowers and take the leaves off the stem of the flowers.  Separate them into individual stems.  Cut the stems so that there is about 4" of stem left with the flower on top.  Place the stem along side a writing pen and secure with a few rubber bands.  Starting at the top where the flower is wrap florist tape around the pen and the flower stem.  Keep wrapping - taking the rubber bands off one by one as you get to them - until the pen is covered. 



Flower Foam Visors
Decorate sunny yellow foam visors to look like flowers with flower shaped foam cutouts.  



Flower Picture Frames
Paint picture frames green and then paint on colorful flowers.  Make bugs in your garden by having party guests dip their index finger in paint and make dots on the frame. Then come back when dry with a small paint brush (or permanent marker) and paint on dots, eyes and antenna’s.   You can also let them decorate the frames with stickers, jewels or foam cut-outs.



Flower Pot Craft
Decorate clay pots with paint and/or jewels. Then fill with dirt and add few flower seeds.  This makes a great Flower party favor for the guests to take home.



Ladybug Pet Rocks
Find or buy several (more then the number of guests so they will have a choice) very smooth round flat rocks.  Let the party guests paint their rocks red to look like ladybugs or any color they choose to look like bugs.   Use a black permanent marker to draw on spots and details.  Glue on googly eyes if desired. Then let the guests name their pet rocks and take them home for a Flower party favor.




Flower Party Games

Flower Treasure Hunt

Hide plastic flowers (you can also use plastic bugs)  all over the backyard, inside the house or park (where ever you want the birthday guests to hunt) and have a flower treasure hunt.  Divide guests into teams or let them find the items individually.  Announce that there are bugs and flowers to be found and show them a sample of what you have hidden. 


Tell the guests to find as many as possible before the time runs out.  Set a timer for 15 - 20 minutes.  When they have finished collecting the items give prizes for the guests who collected the most.   Tip: Count the bugs / flowers before you hide them to know if they have all been found.


Variation:  Hide plastic eggs and call them Flower seeds. 
Variation:Hide special bugs and flowers around the yard which will earn the finder a special prize.  Before the party buy several small items to use as prizes and assign them a number. 


On several of the bugs / flowers that are hidden write a number that corresponds with the prize number.  When a child finds a bug or flower with a number they get the prize that matches that number.  



Cocoon TP Wrap
Teams wrap each other in toilet paper to make a cocoon.  The first team to completely wrap their teammate and use all of their paper win!   Break party guests into teams of 2 or 3.  Have them decide who will wrap and who will be wrapped with the toilet paper.  Hand each team a roll of toilet paper for each person that will be wrapping and on "go" have them begin to wrap the paper around and around their teammate.  Buy several rolls of toilet paper ... kids really like this game!  



Flower Petal Hop
Children hop from one flower petal to the next while music plays ... then they have to stop and find a petal to stand on when then music stops.  Cut large flower petals out of poster board or felt - they should be large enough for 2 children to stand on.  Use as many flower petals as there are guests playing the game.  Put the petals around the floor. 


Tell birthday guests that they are going to pretend to be bugs and when the music plays they must hop or fly around the room, but when the music stops they must find a petal to land on.  If you want to give out a small prize before the party write down a different number on the bottom of all of the flower petals.  


Buy small prizes or toys and assign them a number that matches the numbers on the bottom of the flower petals.  At the final round of the game tell guests to pick up the petal they are standing on and they win the prize that matches the number on their petal.  



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Flower Party Food Ideas

Cut Jell-O jigglers with a flower petal shaped cookie cutter or use a tear drop shape to make individual flower petals.  

Honey Bee crackers

Fruit kabobs

Sandwiches (you can also cut cold cuts with the flower shaped cookie cutter!), hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza or nachos



Party Favors

Flower pens
Flower necklaces or bracelets
Stickers of flowers and bugs
Small terra cotta pot
Packet of flower seeds
Small toy rake or hoe

Any item that the birthday party guests have made as a craft 

Goody / Loot Bags
Terra Cotta pot filled with party favors
Brown party bags with colorful helium balloons attached
Small plastic wheelbarrow
Cute watering can
Flower themed cup


Lion and Lamb

Outdoor Games


Puppy / Kitty




Bug & Flower


St. Patrick's Day Games


Half Birthday






Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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