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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas


Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas for Kids



Fun ideas for a Unicorn party that make planning a party simple and easy!



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All the best Unicorn birthday party ideas for kids, tweens and teen parties.  Use these fun mix and match ideas for Unicorn theme party games, activities, party food, birthday favors, and more to make the birthday extra special! 





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Unicorn Party Games

Rainbow Tag

The goal .... don't be caught or tagged by the unicorn catcher!
To start choose a “unicorn catcher”.  Their job is to stand inside the playing field and catch the unicorns as they fly past. 

Without the catcher hearing give the other kids each a different color that they will answer to when called.  When everyone knows what color they are the catcher yells out the name of a rainbow color and the ones who are that color have to fly past the unicorn catcher without getting caught to the other side of the field.  

The catcher can tag as many unicorns as he/she can as they fly by.  The players that are caught become helpers to the catcher and stand inside the center of the playing field and help tag unicorns with the catcher.  Tell the catcher that sometimes they can shout "Rainbow" and if they do all the players have to cross the field together.  The child that is caught last is the new unicorn catcher.

Catch the Unicorn's Tail

The unicorn tries to catch their own tail in this fast paced game of tag. 
All you need to play the game is a large game area for the kids to run around and chase each other. To make the unicorn the kids line up and hold hands during the game.  The head tries to tag it's tail (the last person in line) by running and trying to touch them through the other party guests in between the tail and the head. 

The tail tries to hide behind the rest of the kids (they can not let go of their hands) while being chased by the unicorn head.  When the tail is caught the head moves into the tails position and the next child in line becomes the new unicorn head. 



Unicorn Roundup

Each team needs 3 balloons and 1 broom.  Before the birthday party blow up pink, purple and silver balloons - these will be the unicorns.  Divide party guests into 2 teams.   One child per team starts and must herd the three unicorn balloons to the opposite side of the room and back.  
Variation: Place a hula hoop at the other end of the game area and the players must herd their unicorn balloons inside the hula hoop and then back to the starting line.

Unicorn Mane
Teams try to be the first to complete the unicorn mane.
Each team will need 24" piece of crepe paper streamers or ribbon - one for each person on the team.  2 identical large posters of unicorns.
Before the party hang up the unicorn posters at one end of the game area.  Place double sided tape along the mane of the unicorns on the posters. Give each party guest a streamer and have them line up behind each other. 

On "go" one player from each team will take their unicorn mane streamer and run across the game area and stick it to the double sided tape on the poster.  Then they  will run back and tag the next player on their team to go. Each player on their turn will run across the game area to complete the unicorn mane.  The team that completes their mane first is the winner!

Variation: Instead of the players having only one streamer to place on the Unicorn mane let them have 3 pieces each so each player would go 3 rounds to the unicorn and make it a longer relay. 



For younger children you can also play games like Candy Land and Twister. 
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Unicorn Invitation Ideas

Decorate plain note cards with stickers of unicorns and rainbows.

Decorate rainbow note cards with a unicorn cut-out in a solid color glued on the front.  Enclose glitter in the invitations.  




Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations

Cut out horseshoe shapes from construction paper or poster board and tape to the driveway or walkway leading up to the party.  


Decorate in bright rainbow shades, pastels or use silver, pink and purple. 


Silver candelabras make a pretty centerpiece or accent pieces for the party table. 


Instead of party hats make the birthday guests unicorn hats by making the party hat smaller and adding rhinestones and glitter.  


You can give the guests the unicorn horns already made up or have them basically done and let the kids decorate the hats themselves.  



Unicorn Party Food Ideas

Cotton Candy served in cone shaped paper (unicorn horns)

Serve ice cream on Unicorn horns (pointed ice cream cones)

Bugles (corn snacks that look like unicorn horns)


Rainbow fruit skewers - on wooden skewers place a strawberry, orange slice, pineapple, green grape, blueberry, and purple grape.  Arrange then in a semi circle on a tray to look like a rainbow. 


Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn stickers
Unicorn shoes (horseshoes)
Unicorn stuffed or plastic figures
Music box

Headband with a unicorn horn

Rainbow wands made with ribbon

Skittles candy

Temporary unicorn tattoos

Unicorn bracelet or necklace


Unicorn Birthday Goody Bags

Cone shaped containers (unicorn horns) or make them yourself from heavy poster board - tie up party favors in pink tulle and tie with a pretty purple ribbon.


Glue rainbow colored paper or ribbon onto white paper bags and fill with party favors.


Use rainbow colored paper bags with handles, fill with party favors and then tie a helium balloon onto the handles of the paper bag to make a fun Unicorn birthday goody bag for guests. 

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