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This Little Piggy
Birthday Party Ideas

This Little Piggy is a favorite nursery rhyme for children.  Bring it to life with these fun party ideas for your child's next birthday party. 

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home! 

Pig Party

Invitation Ideas
Little piggy toe prints - On blank note cards make toe prints on the front of the card using the birthday child's toes.  Paint  their toes with a sponge in washable paint, dab off excess and then press the card to their feet or have them stand on the cards.  After the paint is dry draw on small smiley faces on each toe with a black permanent marker. 

Pighead invitations - Cut a large 4" circle and a smaller 1" circle from pink card stock.  Use foam tape to stick the smaller circle to the center of the larger circle to give it a 3D effect.  Cut out two 1" triangles and glue them to the back of the larger circle near the top for ears.  Draw on two black eyes and two circles in the center of the smaller pink circle for a nose.  Cut out a 3" circle and print party information onto it and then glue to the back of the pig.   

Decoration Ideas
Tie pink circles made from poster board in the trees and bushes and around the structures that lead to the party entrance.  Cut out pink pig footprints from construction paper and tape down on the walkway to the party.  Make a few signs from poster board that say "Wee wee wee!" and place them in the walkway to the party.




Decorate the party table with white table cloths, pink plates, cups and napkins and black flatware.  For an elegant way to serve snacks set out silver serving trays and bowls and place different sizes of candlesticks and candelabras on the table.  Use pink tulle to weave around the serving bowls and candlesticks.  

This Little Piggy Party Games
Pink Pig Pompom Relay
This game is played like the classic Egg and Spoon race only the kids will be carrying pink pompom balls instead of an egg on the spoon.  To play each team will need a wooden spoon and a large pink pompom.  Make teams and one at a time have 1 person from each team carry the pompom on the spoon to the other side of the room and back. When they get back to their team they give the spoon to the next person and they get to run the relay.  If the pink pompom is dropped then that person has to start again. 

Pin the Tail on the Piggy
Play this just like you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey - except make pig tails from pink pipe cleaners (or pink curling ribbon) and pin them onto a large poster of a pig.  

This Little Piggy went to the Market relay
You will need two medium size baskets and enough plastic food items for each team to run the relay ... about 20 items per team.  Before the party mark the plastic food with either a pink or yellow mark - you can use stickers or make a small dot with a permanent marker.   Set up the food items at one side of the playing area where the relay will take place and mix in some extra food items that don't have a mark.   Divide the party guests into two teams and give the first person on the team the basket.  One by one they must run to the "market" and find a food item with their teams color, put it in their basket and run back to the team and hand off the basket to the next player.  First team to find all the food items at the market with their color wins! 

Piggy Bank Relay
For older children - over the age of 3.  Fill a small plastic pool with sand and lots of pennies (150 or more) and mix the pennies into the sand.  Choose teams and one by one a member from each team will run to the sand, find a penny and run back to their team where they will put the penny in their teams piggy bank.   Set a time limit of 5 minutes per round and play several rounds.  You can also play a round of kids against adults.  If you can find clear piggy banks the game is more fun because the kids can see them filling up.

Piggy Polish Spin
For younger kids have an adult paint their toes for this game. Place several colors of pink nail polish in the middle of a circle of girls.  Have the first girl spin a bottle of nail polish.  Who ever the cap is pointing to when it is done spinning paints one of her toenails  Then that person spins the next color of nail polish .... and so on. 

Food Ideas
Roast Beef sandwiches
Mud pies
Pigs in a Blanket
Marshmallows dipped in pink sprinkles (dip a large marshmallow in water, shake off the excess and then roll in pink sprinkles.  Place on the end of a wooden skewer and place in a pink jar.
Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Fountain (Mud fountain)

Party Favor Ideas
Piggy banks
Pig ear headbands
Pink Nail polish

Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Pink paper sacks with a pig face (see invitation ideas) glued to the front and a pink curly pipe cleaner tail attached to the back. 
White paper sacks with the birthday child's toe prints.
Pink bandanas (wrap party favors up and tie)
Basket (this little piggy went to market!)






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