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Super Hero Party Ideas


SuperHero Party Ideas for Kids Birthdays


SuperHero party supplies, invitations, banners and more

This superhero birthday party is great for girls and boys of all ages!

You can include all the popular superheroes, or just the ones that your birthday kiddo favors.

This birthday party idea is also great if you are throwing a celebration for multiple birthday kids.

With these fun ideas, you'll be throwing the coolest party in town! Fun ideas for Superhero party games, activities, party food, invitations, decorations and more! 




Superhero Birthday Party Decorations

Hang balloons on a string as garland for a cheap yet fun background decoration. To make this even more striking, make each row one color.

Stick two large Styrofoam balls on the end of a dowel rod and paint black. Paint a white ‘100’ on each of the Styrofoam balls so that it looks like a 200 lb weight. Have each guest pose with the barbell over his/her head for a fun photo idea.

Take old comic book pages and cut into long triangles. Sew onto a thick piece of string, leaving a few inches in-between each triangle, for a unique birthday garland!

If you have a mini trampoline, put it in front of a city backdrop. Take pictures while the party guests jump up and down, and it will look like they are flying!

Make a sign for the party food table that says "Recharge Super Power Here" Decorate the party table in blue and red with touches of yellow.  Red and blue helium balloons can be tied to the chairs or left to float on the ceiling so the kids can play with them during the party. 

Attach red (or your favorite Super Hero's color) fabric to the backs of the chairs of the party table to look like Superhero capes. 


Super Hero Party Invitations

Make the front of the Superhero invitation say one word, like‘boom!’,‘pop!’, or ‘smash!’ in colorful letters and put the rest of the information on the inside.

On one side of a colorful postcard write or print out  "Calling all superheroes!".   List or print out party information on the back of the card.  




SuperHero Party Games

Superhero vs. Villain
Have everyone pair off into groups of two, one being the superhero and one being the super villain. The superhero gets a role of crepe paper and tries to completely wrap the super villain while the super villain moves his/her arms and legs to stop the super hero. The first superhero to completely wrap his/her super villain is the winning superhero, and the last super villain to be wrapped is the winning super villain. Then switch so that everyone gets to be both superhero and villain.  

Pass the Kryptonite Super Hero Party Game
Have the children sit around in a circle. Bring out a green glow stick (stick of kryptonite) and have the children pass it around while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the glow stick is out and must sit outside the circle to rest his/her powers (or eat some food!). Play continues until their is only one superhero left!

X-Ray Vision Tester Party Game
Have each child stick his/her hand into several bags filled with various objects. See if the child can use his/her super sense of touch and x-ray vision to figure out what each bag contains. Ideas for objects: small cars, uncooked rice, elbow noodles, ground up Styrofoam, cut up apple

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Superhero Birthday Party Icebreakers

Whenever the guests arrive, have them use their superhero powers to guess how many pieces of candy are in a large jar.  At the end of the party, the guest who was the closest gets to take home the candy.

Make some do-it-yourself superhero masks out of felt and elastic string and give one to each guest when he/she arrives. This also doubles as a good party favor!




Superhero Party Activities


Hang up a poster of superheroes and provide each child a can of silly string for them to practice their Spiderman skills


Use silly string to knock over a tower of cups, blocks, or anything else that can be knocked over somewhat easily


Let the kids stand inside of a bubble with a kiddie pool, water, dish soap, hula hoop, and a stool. Fill the kiddie pool with about four inches of water, and add the dish soap (one part soap for every three parts of water). Stir the mixture, set the hula hoop inside of the pool, and put the stool inside of the hula hoop. Have the child stand on the stool, then slowly pull the hula hoop up. The child will be inside of a bubble!


Set up small ice cream cones on a baking sheet and give the child a hulk fist for them to smash the cones Make a superhero cuff with old toilet paper rolls. Decorate with construction paper, markers, and stickers. Cut a slit down the middle so the child can put it on his/her arm


Set up a superhero obstacle course for the everyone to complete. This could include jumping through hula hoops, climbing through tunnels, or anything else!








Super Hero Birthday Party Food

Use superhero scrapbook paper rolled into a cone to hold finger food such popcorn, Cheetos, chex mix, etc.
Examples: hot dogs = super dogs, punch = joker juice or hulk punch, fruit kabobs = fruit kapows

Serve vegetables and dip with signs saying a superpower that each vegetable gives you, such as super strength, laser vision, and mind reading

Serve cupcakes in red, blue, yellow, or green cupcake liners.

Print superhero logos from the internet, cut out, and attach to a lollipop stick. Stick into the cupcakes for a superhero dessert!

Superhero Birthday Party Favors

Buy little flashlights and put a batman sticker on the glass to make a bat signal

Superhero bandaids, pencils, stickers

Glow sticks in superhero colors (yellow, blue, red, green)

Goody Bags

Cut up a red party tablecloth into big rectangles, then use a sticker to it attach onto a blue party bag like a cape
 Superhero Birthday Party Fun Ideas Encourage guests on the party invitation to come dressed as their favorite superhero!    For a fun party twist, make all of the games and activities into ‘superhero training stations’. Once the party is over, give all the guests a certificate stating that they graduated from superhero training!



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