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Casino Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Casino theme birthday party ideas for  kids, Ideas

Casino theme birthday party ideas for kids, tweens and teens

Fun Casino theme birthday party ideas for kids, tweens and teens!

Casino theme party games and activities, and ideas for invitations, decorations, party favors and more great ideas!   

Hit the jackpot with these fun party ideas!





Casino Party Games

Set up tables around the party for different casino games. Choose different games depending on the age and preferences of the guests.

Play Jelly Bean Roulette! Have guests close their eyes and eat a jelly bean. They then have to guess what flavor they just ate!


Divide all the birthday kiddos into two teams. Give each kid a plastic spoon and give each team a dice. One by one, each kid has to put the dice on the spoon and hold the spoon in his/her mouth.


Have the kids run to a designated spot (about fifteen feet away) and back, and then hand the dice up to the next person in line. The first team to have all of their members complete the task wins!


Set up BINGO cards and designate a family member or friend to be the caller.



Casino Party Icebreaker

Give each guest poker chips when they arrive at the party and they can play games with them during the party. Then at the end of the party they can trade them in for small toys or prizes as their party favor.



Casino Party Activities

Make a Plinko board out of a peg board and tiny dowel rods. Give each kid a chance to play, and whatever number they land on, give them that many chocolate coins.




Casino Birthday Party Decorations

Punch holes into the tops of playing cards. String a ribbon through them and hang them around the house. Set up a candy bar using red, white, and black candies in decorative jars or containers. Use red and black balloons and streamers as decorations.    

Cover Kleenex boxes with white paper and black dots to make giant dice as decorations. Cut circles out of red, white, and black paper. Sew the circles onto a thick piece of string to make garland.  

Casino Birthday Party Invitations

Make a big poker chip out of paper. Put the party information on the back. Glue the party information to the back of a playing card.

Casino Party Food Ideas

Cut the corners off of playing cards and stick them into the tops of cupcakes as decoration.

For a really fun treat, make chocolate covered strawberries and drizzle them with white chocolate or white chocolate that has been dyed red.

Serve easy to eat food like hamburger sliders, French fries, or cocktail sausages.

Dip Oreos halfway into white chocolate that has been dyed red.

Give out chocolate coins or a pack of cards as party favors!

Casino Party Goody and Loot Bag Ideas

Glue playing cards onto red paper gift bags for an easy goody bag!  

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