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Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

Fun ideas for a Bubble Guppies Party!

We've listed our favorite Bubble Guppies party ideas for kids.   Fun and easy party games, activities, party food, decorations, invitations and more!

Bubble Guppies Party Decorations

Take green streamers and cut them into 1 1/2-2 feet lengths. Secure a piece to the floor at the base of a wall, and give it a slight twist before securing it up onto the wall. This fun seaweed decor will really give your house an underwater feel!

Blow up several light and dark blue balloons.

In a wave pattern, attach balloons to the wall where you want a backdrop. Make each wave two balloons in height and as many balloons as you need to fill the space in length. You can also attach the balloons to a plastic tablecloth and hang that up instead if you do not want to attach all of the balloons to your wall.


You can achieve a similar affect of the backdrop above by using three different colors of plastic tablecloths. Cut each tablecloth into long scalloped strips that are 2 feet tall. Hang up these strips, overlapping each by a few inches.

Use bunches of clear helium balloons to represent bubbles, or clear Christmas ornaments.

Line the front door with light and dark blue balloons to let guests know that they're in the right spot!

Alternate light blue, dark blue, and white streamers either hanging down as a backdrop or strung above for a neat visual effect. If using this as a backdrop, you can also line the top with blue balloons and use a dark blue plastic tablecloth as a background.


Buy goldfish from the pet store and display around the party in decorative containers. If you have small goldfish containers, you can give one to each guest as a party favor or let your kiddo keep them as a reminder of an awesome birthday party.

Line the tops of tables with blue tulle or a decorative fishing net. Use blue and green tissue paper pom pom balls to decorate the tables.

Take paper lanterns and hang streamers from the bottom. Wrap an additional streamer around the base of the lantern to hide where you attached the hanging streamers. Hang your do-it-yourself jellyfish all over your party! Cut out fins and tails from orange paper, as well as eyes and a mouth from black paper. Attach to orange paper lanterns to make goldfish!

Cut blue and green tulle into strips and hang on the front of the food table.


Bubble Guppies Party Invitations
Cut out goldfish shapes from orange paper. Write all of the party information onto the goldfish. Write party information on beach balls with a black permanent marker and send deflated to guests.

Send sunglasses with a colorful tag that has the information for the party.


Bubble Guppies Party Games

Have the party kiddos play musical chairs to the Bubble Guppies theme songs and other songs found throughout the show. 

Grouper Says

Play the Bubble Guppies version of Simon Says by playing Grouper Says  

Pin the Tail on the Guppie

Draw out a large guppie onto a poster board. Draw or print out tails and give one to each child. One at a time, blindfold the child and have him/her try to attach a tail to the guppie. The child that gets the closest wins!

Party Activities

Cut large goldfish shapes out of orange paper and let the kids decorate with art supplies.

Construct a fishing game by taking a blue plastic tablecloth and hang between two close walls or two chairs. Make this high enough that the kids cannot see over the top. Take a dowel rod and attach string to one end.
Attach a small basket to the other end of the string. Decorate the tablecloth with streamers, balloons, or cut outs of the characters from the show. One at a time, have the child throw the basket over the top of the tablecloth for an adult on the other side to put a small toy into the basket. Have another adult help the child fit the basket back over the top of the tablecloth. You could also you a big trifold posterboard if the children are small enough.

Set out a kiddie pool filled with sand for the kids to play in.
Fill a kiddie pool with about four inches of water, and add dish soap (one part soap for every three parts of water). After stirring the mixture, set a hula hoop inside of the pool. Put a stool inside of the hula hoop and have a child stand on the stool. Slowly pull the hula hoop up, and the child will be inside of a bubble!

Set out a bubble wand station with music for the kids to dance and play. Put bubble solution into bowls and dye each bowl a different color. Let kids blow colored bubbles onto plain white paper or printouts of the Bubble
Guppies characters.

Make sand art using under the sea plastic sand art containers.

Bubble Guppies Party Food

Make blue juice and label it as ocean water

Label spinach dip as seaweed dip and serve with crackers, cut up baguettes, or cut up vegetables.

Cut star shapes out of watermelon and pineapple, label them as sea stars starfish

Cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into star shapes and label them as PB & Jellyfish

Label cheese puff balls as beach balls

Set out goldfish crackers in decorative jars/containers.

Roll pieces of paper into long cones and fill them with cotton candy.

Display finger foods in big fishbowls or colorful sand pails.

Take finger foods such as giant marshmallows, Rice Krispies, pretzel rods, or graham crackers and dip them into white chocolate that has been dyed blue. Put a lollipop stick into the top of the treat after it has dried and display for guests to eat!

Make cupcakes with blue frosting and decorate with candy pearls.

Put purple frosting in between two sugar cookies or store bought vanilla cookies.

Make a pearl candy stick out of the front of the cookie for clam cookies

Make blue jello in small mason jars. When the jello has set a little bit, put swedish fish into the middle of the jello. Give each child their own aquarium!

Set out blue, orange, and green rock candy.

Serve ice cream in waffle bowls and let guests choose their own toppings.

Party favors for a Bubble Guppies party

Small packages of goldfish, swim goggles, salt water taffy, bubbles, stickers, blue and green pencils, blue and green playdoh, and swirly plastic straws.

Give each guest their own goldfish in a small fish bowl, complete with a packet of fish food!

Goody Bags
Use small plastic fish bowls as goody bags.

Fun Ideas
Tell guests to come dressed in the same color as their favorite Bubble Guppies character.
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