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Cheetah Party Ideas

Cheetah Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate in style with these fun and unique Cheetah themed birthday party ideas!

Cheetah fur is distinctive with it's light brown background and dark brown / black spots.  The spots are solid unlike the Leopard's  spots.


Invitation Ideas
Buy note cards with a cheetah print on the front.  Print out party information on brown or white cardstock - print out 4 to a sheet of cardstock.  Cut them out and paste to the front of the cheetah cards making sure that they are an inch smaller on all four sides so that the cheetah print shows through.

Buy pre-printed blank invitations with a cheetah pattern and then print the party information on the inside with your home printer.  

Decoration Ideas
There are several ways to decorate -  for a little diva and make the party upscale and classy or use a safari theme (see our safari themed page for ideas) and include all kinds of safari animals to use as your inspiration. 

For a posh party think "luxury" and cover tables with cheetah print fabrics.  Solid color party plates, cups and napkins look elegant against the cheetah pattern.   Choose an accent color such as pink, aqua or turquoise and add helium balloons around the party area tied with cheetah print ribbon.  Add groupings of candlesticks or a candelabra to the party tables for a special touch.  Serve sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses.



Spa Treatments
Use our homemade spa recipes and some ideas from the Spa Party to give party guests a relaxing spa experience. 

You will find great homemade spa recipes for chocolate facials, scrubs and masks that you can make easy with things you can find at your local grocery store.

Cheetah Party Games

Cheetah Racing Games
Cheetahs are known for their speed so why not have some relay style racing games!  Race by teams or use a stopwatch and have the kids race individually and compare times.  Some fun ways to race like a cheetah are by:
Running through an obstacle course
Running backwards
Running and jumping over orange cones
Running and twirling in a circle
Running on feet and hands (like a cheetah)
Running backwards on feet and hands

See our huge list of fun birthday party games for girls.

We also have party games to fit any age group.

Cheetah Party Food
Chocolate fountain with fun food to dip into the chocolate such
as: strawberries, marshmallows, pineapple, cookies, etc.
Veggie trays with Ranch dip
Party Favor Ideas
Small bags of Cheetos
Cheetah Nail Polish
Orange feather boas
Cheetah print items such as pencils, pens, coin purses or notebooks
Chester the Cheetah posters or stuffed animals







Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Wrap party favors in a cheetah print bandana or square of printed fabric and tie the ends together.
Place party favors in a safari hat and tie with a cheetah print ribbon.
Cheetah print boxes or bags can be tied with a pretty ribbon to hold party favors.


Party games for ages 7, 8 and 9

Games for ages 5 and 6

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