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Carousel Party Ideas

carousel birthday party theme ideas

Carousel Birthday Party Theme

There are few things in a child's life that bring such joy as a Carousel.  The bright colors, fun animals and joy of riding are a magical combination for kids. 

Bring that joy to life for your next birthday party with these great ideas for a Carousel theme party.  

Fun and unique games, activities and ideas for decorations, invitations, party food, favors and much more. 





Carousel Party Invitation Ideas
Pretty note cards with a picture of a carousel or individual horses on the front.

Attach a cutout of a horse or a carousel made with colorful scrapbook paper on the front of a pretty solid color note card.   Embellish by gluing small pieces of ribbon, rhinestones or jewels to the horses.


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Carousel Party Decoration Ideas
There are several ways to decorate for a carousel birthday party. 

Purple and pinks, pastels or bold carnival colors like red, blue and yellow. 

To tie the party together decide which colors you will be using and then buy different textures and shades of those colors. 

For the entrance to the party cut out long skinny flowing flags from silk or fabric and staple them to a dowel rod.  Place them in the ground along the walkway to the party. 

Drape crepe paper streamers from the middle of a tree towards the outside branches in a circle shape to create a carousel look then let the ends of the crepe paper flow to the ground.   Or create this over the door of the party entrance - just gather the ends of the crepe paper streamers on each side of the door and secure with a pretty ribbon.
For the party room: Drape crepe paper streamers or yards of tulle from the center of the room outwards towards the walls and then let them flow down the walls.  

Make a happy birthday banner from triangle pieces of fabric or scrapbook paper - embellish with carousel horse cutouts and letters that spell out "Happy Birthday ________!" (insert your child's name).  

Drape tulle around the party table and tie around the backs of party chairs in a big bow. 

Decorate drink glasses with a pretty carousel horse straw.  Buy them or make your own by cutting out a horse from scrapbook paper and making two slits down the center about an inch a part.  Insert a drinking straw through the slits to make a carousel horse.
Carousel Birthday Activities

Ride a real Carousel
If there is a carousel in your town take the guests and they can ride it a few times.  Some malls even have them inside.  Call ahead and ask if you can reserve the whole thing for an hour.

Carousel Bounce House
Some Bounce House companies have a bounce house that looks like a carousel from the outside.  If you can't find one just have the kids pretend that they are horses as they bounce around in a circle inside. 

Paint Carousel Horses
Buy wooden or carousel horse cut outs at the craft store and let the guests paint them.  They can also color them with permanent markers.   Some craft stores sell small plaster carousel horses that kids love to paint also.

Pony Rides
Find a local company to come to your party and bring a circle pony ride for the kids.  Ask if you can decorate it to look like a carousel with streamers. 




Carousel Party Games

Carousel Horse Relay  
This game is fun for kids to play outside.  Draw 2 large circles on a hard surface (about 10 feet in diameter) or use spray paint to paint them on grass.  At one end of each circle place a very large tub of water.  Opposite it place a smaller plastic container - the two containers must match or hold exactly the same amount. 

Divide the players into teams then have them get inside the circles where they are spaced out evenly.  Give each player a spoon or a cup with holes punched in the bottom. On the word "go" the carousel starts and must move in a circle.  Each player must get water on their spoon and then circle around and dump it in the smaller container.  The kids have to stay the same distance apart during the game.  First carousel team that fills up their container wins!

Pin the Tail on the Carousel Horse

Played just like pin the tail on the donkey.  Buy or draw a large carousel horse on a poster board and attach it to a wall.  Make carousel horse tails from poster board, attach a piece of double stick tape to the tails and have guests write their names on the backside of the tails.  Have them one at a time be blindfolded, spun around three times and then try and be the one to stick their tail the closest to the horses' tail.   

More fun party games can be found on Carnival games page and our Party games page. 

Carousel Party Food Ideas
Crunch and Munch
Hot Dogs
Caramel Apples
Cut out foods using a carousel cookie cutter.  Some fun foods that work well are sandwiches, fruit, brownies, cookies, Jell-O jigglers, Rice Krispie treats and hamburger patties.

Party Favor Ideas
Cracker Jacks
Box of animal crackers
Carousel horse figurine

Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Place your party favors in:
Red and white striped plastic popcorn containers
Wrapped up in a pretty bandana
Colored bags tied with a helium balloon

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carousel party ideas for kids


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