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Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.  Not only are the ideas listed in our website, but they are also categorized here for easy viewing.  you have a fun birthday party idea share it with other parents and we will list it here. 

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Suggestion:   Hey I Wanna Know Ya Song
Hey I wanna know ya (point across to other person)
Hey I wanna show ya(make glasses w/ your hands)
The way I walk (walk in place)
The way I talk(make a little hand and open and close it like a mouth)
The places I go (pretend like your driving)
And the things I know!(point to your head)
Song is sung repeatedly faster and faster feel free to make up your own motions.

No Mirror Make-up:
Give each girl some makeup without a mirror
Give them five minutes to put the makeup on
Don't tell the players! 
(the  person who did the worst wins)  Truth Or Dare

 I dare you to sniff everyone’s feet in
the room and tell who’s feet smell the worst!
Pool Tag:
Okay so me and my friends always play this game at sleepovers. It really keeps you awake! So one person is it (it’s usually played with like 3-4 people) and the rest have to run away from that person, obviously, but the tricky thing is, its tag around a pool table.But its super fun, even though it sounds really stupid, trust me, it’s not!/span>
Rachael Louisiana

Get everyone to sit n a circle with a big bar of chocolate in the middle. Get a hat, scarf and gloves and knife and fork and put them in the middle of the circle too. Everyone rolls a die, and the first one to get a 6 has to put the clothes on and eat the chocolate with the knife and fork! While they are trying to eat it, the die still goes around the circle and the next person to get a 6 has to take over. This carries on until the chocolate is gone. Plenty of fun guaranteed! Meredith

Unwrap It!
Before your party guests arrive wrap a small item (ex. coloring book, keychain) about 7 to 10 times with wrapping paper. It can be the same pattern or different! When you start to play turn on some music and pass it around. When the music stops whoever has it unwraps one layer of wrapping paper. Keep on doing this until someone unwraps the last layer and whoever does keeps what's inside!!! Anonymous

Hang upside-down for 20 seconds

This game is called Cold Spaghetti.

It's a real fun game, but it takes some preparation. You must cook about a pound of spaghetti and then leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Once it's nice and cold (and slimy), toss in some cheap prizes (lip gloss, key chains, $5 gift card, ect.) and the girls must reach in the cold, slimy spaghetti to get a prize. P.s. Really funny to watch the reactions when they feel it! Ave

Would you rather?

One person asks someone two crazy things like " would you rather eat 20 pizzas or tell or deepest secret?" That person has to pick one thing that they said and explain why. If they can't pick one, dare them  to do something like do the chicken dance. Keep on asking everyone until everyone has had a turn.

13th Birthday Party Idea
At my 13th birthday this year, I am doing a Chinese take out birthday. we are ordering from the local take out and having a buffet. All my friends love it so i thought it would be a great idea! Don't for get chopsticks! Brandi
Pembroke pines, fl

Have A Shaving Cream fight. Wear Your Bathing Suit Or Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Messy. Get  Bottles Of Shaving Cream Not Hair Removal And Spray It On Your Opponent Without Getting Sprayed Yourself, But That's Tough. Note: This Can Get Messy So Do It In Your Backyard Not Around A Pool, A Grassy Area, Or Out In The Street.
Or you can make t-shirts with your last name on the front and a number on the back. Then decorate it

Dare a person to stick out their tongue for the next 5 minutes!! nikki

Hide and Seek in the Dark
What I always love to do at a sleepover is to play Hide "n" Seek in the dark. So on the invitation is to ask everyone to bring a set of clothes that is black or darkly colored. Now go in to a room that has a door to close then, pick one of the girls to be it, then have her count to 60 outside of the room, and while she is counting the other girls hide and when she's done she looks for the other girls. It's a big hit at any sleepover, no matter if you're 5 or if you're 14 it's still fun! Anonymous
For a scavenger hunt.

Take a picture by your movie theater, horses, a cross, picture of the birthday boy/girl, a playground, population of your city or town!

Ice Breaker this game is called.

You need- Balloons according to how many people. If there's 10 people get 10 baloons..
How it works-
Blow up the balloons and put a spoonful of glitter in each and write on a piece of paper[small piece] Truth or Dare. Give everybody a balloon without telling them what's inside. Everybody dances to music. This is similar to freeze dance. Then when the music stops, everyone freezes. Whoever moves, they have to pop there balloon with their bottom.   And answer either the truth or dare.
Ivana , Texas

Tween Spa Party ideas
Put popcorn, nachos, assorted candy etc. on a table (I got this form here about the snacks in table) And you might get thirsty so it’s time for a yummy smoothie!  To make smoothies, put 1/2 frozen fruit (try strawberries, blueberries, or bananas), 1/3 cup orange juice, 1 single serving container yogurt, and 4 or  ice cubes in a blender. Cover and ask an adult to blend until smooth. Serves 2.

After movies it's time for a little hair fun! Get ready to make some Cool American Curls You'll need Fabric Strips and Spray bottle of water. Cut an old t-shirt or pillowcase to make several  1-inch-wide strips about 2 inches longer than your hair. Use spray bottle to lightly mist hair.
Pick a small selection of hair. Hold one of a fabric strip close to head and run it alongside the hair section.  
Wrap hair around the strip, then bring  the other end and tie at the scalp. Sleep on the curls, then in the morning, untie for a headful of soft curls.

After you finished with your curls go and play truth or dare get good truths and dares form the Truth and Dare page for great ones. You can make a great gift in memory of the party here is how. Get a poster Board and write Happy Birthday and whoever is the birthday girl. Then make each girl who attended to the party sign their name in the poster board. In the center put a pic of you and the girls in the party and then decorate the board with glitter and rhinestones.
Hoppers Crossing

M & M Straws!
Need: Straws (1 for each person at the party) Paper/plastic cups (1 for each person at the party) M & M's (1 or 2 bags). one at a time each person sits down and sees how many M&M's they can get into their cup in a Minute.  Suck in the air on the straw and pick up the M&M’s with the end.  It is fun for everyone this game!


Who Sleeps Where Game
Put numbers in a hat 1-however many people at your sleep over. Everyone, without looking draws a number. The person with number 1 gets to pick where she sleeps first. The girl with number 2 picks next. Then so on.


for truth or dare here are some ideas.
Truth :what is your dream job?
Dare :pour a cup of ice cold or hot water on yourself outside

Dallas, Texas
Musical- a lot of people like to sing and act. Well at your sleepover with all your friends get some clothes you don't wear and decorate them with the theme of your sleepover. Then decorate and paint designs on your face. Next write a song all about your friends. Make a video of you singing that song with all your friends in a wacky costume.

Lucy Black
South Africa
You must have heard of this game, but it isn't on your website. We play it adults and kids together: Tie a half blown balloon to each guests ankle with an arms length of string. At the word Go! everyone tries to stomp on each others to pop. Loads of fun! We love playing it on the beach, the sand makes it more challenging!

Baby food hot potato
like hot potato with baby food and person who has it the baby food when music stops has to eat it!
I played this at youth group it was SO FUN!!!!!!!!

lizzie izzie
what's the stupidest crush you've had

Lindsay Cali
making the YMCA sign with someone at a store.

Movie Theater Theme. Decorate using film strips, a concession stand, etc. Eat popcorn, soda, nachos, etc. At the end you could watch a movie. You could have a movie awards and give out fake trophies.

Dog lover
Have you ever lied for truth in Truth or Dare?

Happy Helper
Here are some good scavenger hunt ideas I came up with:
*some need a camera*
-get a sample of men's cologne
-find something with the number 15 on it
-try on a purple dress
-try on a scary mask at a Halloween store
-try on nail pink!
-ask a stranger for their autograph
-take a picture of a store with a letter N in the name
-take a picture of something Jonas Brothers
-get 3 sheets of toliet paper
-take a pic of someone with pink, purple, or blue hair

I hope these help!

What it is if you have 4 people you have to bowls of chunky peanut butter(or regular)and two bowls of cotton balls(or marshmallows).  If you have 4 people split each group in 2 people each.  One person from each team at a time for this game your not aloud to use your hands. Smother your nose in the peanut butter and crawl on your hands and knees to the bowl of cotton balls(or marshmallows).

Sit on the lap of the person on your right for the rest of the game!


Jamie - Dayton, TX     Wrestling Party Game

Instead of having pin the tale on the donkey have pin the belt on the wrestler, get a poster of the child's favorite wrestler, and copy off several belts on a copy machine, then blind fold the kid and see who can get the closest with the belt.

Katherine     Birthday Party Game

In this game you will need a shoe box and small little toys and stuff like that. You put 21 items in the shoebox like a paper clip, rubber band, really small toy etc. Then you get each party guest to examine the things inside the shoe box one at a time.. for only 2 minutes. When there time is up tell them to start writing down what they remember on a sheet of paper, and tell them not to look at anyone else's answers! Give them about 15 minutes and then ask them how many items they could remember, who ever has the most wins a prize!

Fort Wayne, IN
Here's a twist on a classic birthday game! if the Jonas brothers are a favorite of your tween girls, get a headshot poster of the guys tape it to the wall, apply red lipstick to the player, blindfold and turn them just like pin the tail on the donkey then with their hands behind their back point them in the direction and have them kiss the wall write their name by their "kiss" .

Gina     Palm Harbor, FL     Tween PartyVintage Theme party: A la the show, "Project Runway". Each girl gets $10-$15 and goes to a local thrift/vintage shop and tries to put together the best outfit- accessories included. Then come back to the house and after doing hair and makeup, put on a fashion show. The available parents can judge. Depending on the number of girls, this can be done in teams or individually.


Before party but a really cool item in a jar then wrap it with newspaper plastic wrap and duct tape continue to do this until you have a big ball make sure last layer is duct tape you may put soap over it to make it more fun then put it in the middle of the table and roll the dice 1 time each take turns however rolls a 6 starts they try to unwrap the ball while the person beside him/her tries to roll a six then that person gets it whoever ends up with the prize gets to keep it.


Party favor/ bye cotton CANDY scented perfume to put in bags or boxes

Marissa     Makeover Disaster Game

Ok split your party up into groups or 2. Then have them decide who will be giving the makeover and who will be receiving it. Once they decide tell them that the person that is doing the makeover must have a blanket over their head and to sit behind the person that they will giving the makeover. After that they put their arms under the persons armpits so they are able to reach their face. Then someone hands the blind person lipstick and says "lipstick" and they must try to put the lipstick on the persons lips and so on with blush and eye shadow and other makeup supplies you can think of. Then whoever did the best makeover wins. This game is sure to get about 15 girls happy believe me it works.

E     Makeover Race     Have A Makeover Race!!!!

Make teams and have each team take one girl to be their model. each team will be timed whoever does this the fastest wins each team must paint models nails , do her hair, make up and pick an outfit from hosts closet!!! ( if you have only 2 girls have them do this to each other and see who does it the fastest!!!

Brittany     Santa Clarita, CA     Sleepover Craft

Rhinestone flip flops are a great idea. Use the cheap sandals from Old Navy and adhesive rhinestones

Miss Lisa     Bennington, Vermont     Hot Balloon Game

This game is great to play on a hot summer day you will need some water balloons and music play the music when the music stops the person that is holding the water balloon has to put it on the ground and pop it with there behind and the game keeps going till there is only one person standing and that one person that is standing gets a prize....

Anonymous     Whip Cream Game

3 people stand up in a circle each person has a plate of cool whip. inside the cool whip is a piece of gum. they have to find the gum inside the whip cream but the thing is you can't use ypour hands you have to use your mouth. whoever chews and blows the bubble first wins

Taylor     Fun Bags

Fun Bags- here's what you do! Have 5 paper bags, and label them each. Here's what to label them, husband, pet, house, live and job. Each person has to have five pieces of little paper. Write your crush, where you want to live, and your job, etc. Shake it up and see who get's what!

Slumber Party Game

No-mirror makeover: Give each girl makeup and give them 5 minutes to do there makeup without a mirror! Take their pictures when they're finished and the parent can judge. Whoever's makeup is the worst wins a small prize (don't tell the girls!)Whoever loses (the girl who did the best)has to wear the makeup until the party is over!


I buy a 50-pack of large balloons, then squeeze coins, candies, and anything else that will fit into the opening of each balloon, then I blow the balloons up and kids race around the yard popping the balloons to get what's inside. They love it, some good candy for this is tootsie rolls and dumdum lollipops, they fit good.

For this party game you will need 2 buckets, 2 balls, 2 hula-hoops, and 2 teams (can have as many players per team). put the hula hoops parallel from each other on one end and the buckets on the other end parallel to each other too. put each ball in a hula-hoop. When your guest arrive or you are ready to play, line your guest up and have them lay down to make it harder tell them to sit. Then with out using your hands tell the first person to lift the ball (on each team) with their feet and give it to the next person in line. If the ball drops or some one touches it with their hands your team has to start over. once it gets to the last person in line they have to drop it in the bucket without there hands and then grab it with their HANDS run to the front of the line and drop it in the hula-hoop then follow the same process. each person in the team should get a chance to be first.


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