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These themes have been shared by the readers of our website and blog.  

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Camping :  Julie
Activities: Similar to any other birthday, but fitted for outside. Favorite ideas include: hide and seek, sardines, scavenger hunt (with flashlights), etc.

Food: Foil dinners: You can do this over an open flamed fire, or you can use the oven. Give every child a piece of aluminum foil. Let them add meat, veggies, and spices to their liking, and then fold and put in the fire/oven.

Barbeque: Use the BBQ grill in the backyard to create a yummy dinner.

S'mores: You can do this over an open flamed fire or even a fondue set (remove the fondue pot).

Banana Boats: Give each child a piece of aluminum foil and banana. Cut the banana down the center and fill with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Fold the aluminum around the banana and place in the fire/oven.

Campfire Cake: Ice a cake (round works best). Top the cake with tootsie rolls (logs), pretzels (sticks), and candy corns (flames).

Sleepover Ideas: Pitch a tent (inside or outside) and have the kids sleep in the tent with their sleeping bags so they feel like they are camping.




Camping Theme :     Lisa - Bray, Wicklow, Ireland
If you have a tent, put it up in your back garden.
Buy marshmellows and cook them over a barbeque (if you don't have one, eat them fresh from the bag!).
Stay in the tent ALL night!
If you're a fan of ghost stories, try telling one about girls who go camping and bump into ghosts, bears, snakes etc, etc...
Have fun with this!



Soccer Sleepover Ideas 4 Tween Girls :    Big Ross - Lomita, CA
#1 get a soccer ball and have all of the tween girls sign it
#2 design soccer jearsys
#3 serve:hot dogs,soda,chips,ice cream,pizza,hamburgurs,candy
#4 soccer water jumper/and pinata
#5 play true or dare



Instrument Theme : Toe - Florida
Have people who play instraments bring them.  Have everyone play music.  Everyone will have so much fun they will have a blast. They will be facinated in how wonderful instraments sound!



A Brilliant Sleepover :   Lauren

Okay....I just turned 11 and I had an amazing sleepover ! But although I had the sleepover when I was eleven the idea we had can be used for lots o ages ! I invited three of my closest friends but the games we played can be played with up to fifty players ! INVITATIONS - I made my own homemade invitations. I started off by typing them out on the computer. Once they were printed I stuck them onto a piece of cardboard and started decorating them. I decorated them by getting some old magazines and cutting pictures out of them. My friends loved the invitations so they went well. DECORARTIONS - We weren't too fussy about the decorations because we knew that me and my friends would probably wreck the place anyway, so we just blew up a few balloons for us all to have some fun later popping them.


FOOD - The party was both CHOCOLATE themed and FRIENDSHIP themed so for snacks we had EVERYTHING chocolate including a chocolate fountain. WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT - All the guests arrived at  six and had already been fed so that was handy. Before we started having any fun we wanted to make sure that we had room to play so my friends put all their stuff away. So that they didn't lose anything each person had somewhere separate to put all their stuff. This was a big help because the next morning there was no running around looking for stuff. To start the night off we decided to have a game of truth or dare. I got brilliant truths and dares off this website. They took up about two hours of the night and by the end of the game


EVERYONE had done something very embarrassing. As I have already said the night was also FRIENDSHIP themed so my mummy got a cardboard box and made it into a Time Capsule. We put all our best memories into it and locked it up. The day before my daddy had wrote out a friendship pact and we al signed it, this took us to about 9 o'clock. When the "friendship ceremony" was over we had a mini disco. It went on until about eleven o'clock in the night and it was so funny watching everyone dance. We were all exhausted.     After all that dancing and had a bit of relaxing time. We put chocolate face masks on with cucumber slices on our eyes. We all looked REALLY funny and got our pictures took.

At twelve o'clock I sent everyone away for ten minutes. While they were gone I set up a mini snack bar and seats, JUST LIKE A REAL CINEMA! Everyone loved it and the movie went on to two o'clock. After having set still for so long we got all our energy back and had a catwalk show. Everyone was rated on a scale of one to ten on, goofiness, gorgeousness, etc, etc. At three o'clock when people were bored of being supermodels we melted chocolate on our faces. When it reached four o'clock we sat and talked for about two hours until SIX OCLOCK! It was a blast but because my parents had been so good to us my friend Jessica came up with the idea of cleaning up our mess. We had the place spotless by seven o'clock so we started to make my parents breakfast in bed ! By half eight we were sitting down eating our own breakfast and discussing the antics of the night ! Hope you have a good time at your own party no matter what the theme xxx Lauren xxx


Cupcake Decorating Party :   Becky -  Albuquerque, NM

I had a cupcake decorating party for my 5 year old daughter.  As kids came they were asked to decorate their own kid size apron with fabric markers, so that nothing had to dry.  After everyone finished their aprons they put them on and out came the cupcakes.  I had 3 different flavors with 4 different color frosting and of course chocolate frosting.  They had colored sprinkles, flower sprinkles and round sprinkles.  I bought the cheap frosting tubes and tips and let them be creative with them.  After all cupcakes were done, I put 5 candles in one of my daughters cupcakes and everyone sang Happy Birthday.  They got to take home their aprons and the cupcakes they decorated.  Suggestions for the little ones is to let them have their own bowls of frosting because they do not understand the double dipping concept



Tween Boys Woods Scavenger Hunt :    Mandy R. -  Montverde, FL
Tween boy wood scavenger hunt.  First you come up with a list of items you would like for them to find. Example ( pinecones, leaves or a piece of bark of a oak tree, a rock, a certain kind of stick, or whatever you can think of the is in the woods) you can get creative on what you would like them to find like a bike peg or football. Then you write down a few items on a piece a few different pieces of paper and fold the paper up and put them into a baseball hat. Then you put the kids into groups of two or more kids. Then you have one kid from each group pick a piece of paper. What items that is on the paper is what they have to go find. You can time them if you want or just let the first group that finds all the items first wins. (I went to the dollar store and got some little gifts)



Mall Scavenger Hunt :  Keisha - GA
for ages 9 and up (it depends) just for girls!!!! invite 10 girls counting yourself give them each a fun parent or guardian to go with(no party poopers)buy some cheap bracelets from claries the birthday girl chooses 2 colors and you go in and buy those colors of bracelets and put them in something have them choose one with their eyes closed!(we chose pink and yellow) the girls get with the parent and get there scavenger sheets in a small handbag with 20 dollars per team 4  dollars each!!!!!!(ex...each girl has an assigned color they have to get a pic of that color dress/outfit,shoes,bag accessories ex. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!(HAVE EACH ADULT HAVE A CAMREA OR CAMREA PHONE TO PROOVE THEY DO THIS TASK!!) try to win an animal in a claw machine (pictures) get a wacky flavored ice-cream cone you've never tried EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got some more ideas for what to do tell me!!! after that let each girl get a mani/pedi or either/or next go home order pizzas or something on the way there share wacky ph
 otos of all of your bffs!!!!!!!!!! listen to music and eat cake watch chick flicks play games SO HAVE FUN AND WHOEVERS THE BIRTHDAY GIRL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Car Racing Themed Party :    Saramaria  - Stamford, CT
Car or racing themed party...all racing games, three legged race, relay race, sack race, and treasure hunt in a travel or car race theme




Puppy Party : Julie - Collierville, TN
For my grandson's 1st birthday, we did a puppy theme party.
We used black and white spotted puppy invitations with a matching black/white spotted puppy cake. We also had a smash cake made for Cooper. The balloons were white with black paw prints. The centerpiece for the table was a silver dog bowl filled with cocoa puffs, mini marshmallows and Scooby Do bone shaped cookies. Beside the dog bowl was a puppy piñata. For party hats, we used headbands with black and white spotted dog ears we ordered on line. Treat bags were filled with bone shaped crayons, bone shaped cookie cutters, beanie baby Dalmatians, magnetic dog picture frames, puppy tattoos, stickers, Scooby Doo fruit snacks, etc... All paper products were navy with white polka dots and a baby blue tablecloth.




Lady Bug:   Jacque - Belgrade, MT
For my daughter's 5th birthday party, I made cute hand made lady bug invites to hand out at school.  We held it at our house.  I bought small terra cotta planters and made individual cakes in them using chocolate cake mix, premade frosting, crumbled oreos on top (dirt), flower suckers stuck in middle of each one and one gummy worm hanging out of each one (they were baked in the oven in the terra cotta planters also).  For the main activity, I bought larger terra cotta planters and terra cotta paint and painted some green and yellow polka dots along bottoms and saucers.  Then had the kids dip their thumbs in red and put their thumbprints around the potters.  When they dried I used black terra cotta paint to turn their little thumb prints into ladybugs and had them put potting soil and a pretty (cheap annual) flower into them as well - voila!  Instant gift to take home that moms can keep for a long time also!  I made sure to put on the invites for them to wear old clothing that could get dirt/paint, etc on.




Actress Theme:  Megg
You could do a actress theme. Where everyone would dress up as their favorite actress or actor. Then you could have talent show, fashion show, take funny videos and have a game called guess the star. You make 10 cards with 1 star on each of them, for example, Milry Cyrus or Selena Gomez or someone like that. For food you could have your favorite actress's food. For party favors, you could give out posters of stars and maybe a pair of star sunglasses. With this theme YOU will be a star!!!




Underwater Party - Anonymous
I think a under water party would be great! If you have a pet fish decorate the tank & have the send outs shaped like fish (whales shrimp & other fish ) Put blue paper cut in to slits and hang them from a arch or door way. And have tweens where green blue or pazzay sparkly  (for scales ) Buy a cd with beach sounds........and hand a BIG  paper boat from the roof ( inside) ! And when they leave say "  i am WAVING " and wave @ them !




Shopping Galore - Anonymous
Have 4-8 kids come over and give them each $30 and let them fill out What's their fav papers ( personalized papers asking what their favorite store, their shoe size et cetera) switch the papers randomly and let them choose one. That person has to get that person exactly $30 worth of gifts related to their paper.




Ball or Polka Dot Theme -  LaDonna from Cleveland, TX
We had a "ball" themed party for our daughters 2nd bday. the invitation was a pic of my daughter wearing a white dress with bright colored polka dots on it. she was sitting in the grass with all different colored bouncy/beach balls around her. the invitation read " come have a BALL at rylei's 2nd bday bash" we rented a moonwalk and filled it with large bouncy/beach balls. the cake was round and white with bright colored polka dots on it and topped with a group of different sizes and colored bouncy balls. we also served cupcakes, that were topped with small neon colored bouncy balls ordered from oriental trading company. the plates and napkins were polka dotted. we served pizza. the favor bags were polka dotted and the favors were bouncy balls and all sorts of round things. it all turned out really cute!!



Alice in Wonderland






Candy Land
















Chocolate Spa




Tea Party


Zoo Birthday








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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