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These fun birthday icebreakers are from our readers of the website and blog. 

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How well do you know... - Julzz
Ahead of time the person that is hosting the party creates a quiz about themself. It must be filled with questions about yourself that your friends can answer. At the party either get your guests to be in partners or do it separately. However you would like it to be. Then get them to answer the questions. Once everyone is done mark the quizes. Whoever got the best mark can get a prize. You could just make the prize a dollar store item. Enjoy your quiz and have fun!




Animal Find - Samantha B. from Everett, WA
When guests arrive, tape a piece of paper on their back that has the name of an animal on it.  They have to try to figure out what animal they are by asking the other guests Yes and No questions only. 




3 Things About Me - Anonymous
In the game you take turns saying 3 things about yourself but 1 of the things you say has to be a lie. The kids have to try to guess which one was the lie. great game!




Guess - Arya
a great ice breaker for your sleepover could be that everyone gets a pieace of paper then on a cookie sheet tray put little things like -tooth paste or finger nail polish and give the guest 40 seconds to look at them and then take the tray away and have them try to guess everything on the tray. and who ever gets the most written down then they get a prize!






Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


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