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These birthday games have been sent in by our readers. 
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I Love You Honey

This game helps you with acting and is very fun to play in birthday parties. Everyone makes a circle except for one person who stands in the middle. That person goes to someone  in the circle and says "I love you honey" The person they said it to has to say "I love you too, but I can't smile." If the person smiles then they have to go in the middle, but if they don't then the person who says I love you honey has to go to a different person. This game is very fun if you add things to go with it. For instance, the person could say... "Honey, I'm home! Now give me a kiss because, I love you honey."



Hug Tag
This game is just like tag and musical chairs. First everyone is handed out numbers. Next someone plays some music and then stops it. Players must then find someone and give them a hug. Whoever doesn't have a person to hug has to sit out and call out a number so there is an odd number of players. The people who get out get to start and stop the music.




Singing Water Game
First there needs to be 4 buckets. Two bucks are around 5 feet away from each other and than 5-10 meters away straight are the two other buckets 5 feet away from each other so they line up with the bucket in front of them. Fill the first front two with water. Also get sponges ready. After that everyone must split into 2 teams and have them in line. Once you say GO! The first person in line must put the sponge in the water and try to get as much as water as possible in the sponge. Then they must put the sponge over their head (with the water dripping down) and sing a classic song everyone knows.


Example "ABC's", "Mary Had A Little Lamb", "Old McDonald", etc. Once they reach the other bucket they squeeze the water out. Then they come back still singing the song and give it to the next person in line. Also there MUST be a host who is not playing the game (best for this to be an adult). If the host notices the person isn't singing the song loud enough they dump all the water in their team's bucket out. To win the team has to make the bucket filled to the top with water.

Don't Forget the Lyrics - Alexis A.

Have you seen the show don't forget the lyrics? Well this game is based of the show but is a little different. First you need to  have a host. Then have the host read the name of the song and all the lyrics except for a certain amount. Have who ever knows the lyrics raise there hand. Then find out who raised their hand first and have them guess the lyrics. If they get it right give them tickets to get something at the party.

Water Palooza - Anonymous

Use water guns, water balloons, etc. and have to teams play against  each other until one team is sitting out.



Pass the Package - Dana
Wrap a prize many times in different things (such as newspaper, ribbon, plastic bags, etc.). Then play some music and pass the package around the circle. Then, randomly stop that music and whoever is holding it unwraps a layer. Then, whoever gets the last layer wins the prize! You can also play it how when they unwrap a layer, they can't use their hands (make sure to provide some tools, such as salad tongs, a whisk, and some other things!)

Orange Dance - Michelle R.
pair the kids in to 2s and put an orange on top of their foreheads turn on the music and everybody will dance  music stops the person will stop dancing last pair wins

Guess the Flavor - Katie
My game "Guess The Flavor" is fun for birthdays, the pool, slumber parties etc.  How you play is you first need to pick out a bag of candy.  It needs to have a variety of candy, as in different colors and different flavors. Once you have done that, place all the candy in a bowl. Tell one person to close their eyes and after that ,pick one candy from the bowl and show it to everyone except that one person. Then tell the person to eat the one candy. Give them a minute and then ask them what flavor and candy they have just eaten. If they guess right they get a point. Make sure you use different people and most of the candy. I suggest skittles or sour patch kids or even fruit snacks.


Egg Toss - Anonymous
Boil the eggs so that they are hard we do this because if it hits someone the yolk dosent splatter all over them but if you don't want to boil the eggs you don't have to.

Everyone needs a partner start next to each other and if you catch the egg take a step back and keep going tell the egg hits the ground.

SPUD - Anonymous
This game has to involve at least 4 people (if it doesnt than it isn't as much fun. Before you start the game an adult or someone that is not playing has to give the players their own number(cant be two of the same numbers.)There is one person that is it. Everyone has to make a circle around the person that is it. The person that is it has a ball in their hands. They throw the ball up in the air and call a number. If the person that is it calls your number you have to run up and catch the ball, if your number does not get called you have to run until the person that got their number called catches it.


The person that caught the ball gets to take 3 steps anywhere toward a person to try to throw it at them. If the person throws it at you and you catch it then that person gets an "s", but if they throw it at you and hits you but you dont catch it you get an "s". Whoever gets the letter is it next. You keep going until someone spells out the word SPUD. tweens love this game!!!



Find The Prize - Regenna
Go into another room while the adults hide a prize under 10-20 contaniers. The person 2 find it first gets the prize!
The prize can be anything: money , key chain , party favor...ext.
Just have fun!Do this 3 or 4 times, or as much as you want to!!

Guess The Boy - Abbiee from England
Before everybody arrives write about 20 boys names celebs and people you know and fold them up.
give each person a boy but they cant no who and give them clues on who it is and make them guess this game is so much fun



Clothes Catastrophe - Rheece from the UK
Fill a bin bag with different types of clothes and accessories and pass it round 6 times the person with the silliest outfit should get a small prize



Break Your Ice - Anonymous
what u need:ice cube trays
at least 3 players  
a bowl a big one
any kind of plastic or wooden object or metal
candy to fill the ice cube trays and put water for ice in.
How to play: get your big bowl and pour the ice in it. Everyone gather around the bowl. The bowl should be on the floor where nothing can be broken.
take the objects that you choose to use.(metal plastic wooden) give on to each player. Each ice cube that was frozen should have candy in it. Take objects and whack the ice with them everyone at once. REMEMBER TO BE CAREFUL!!!when you have no more ice left there should be candy eat the candy!!!!!!!!!

Donut Game - Hannah
Have a long rope or thick string(has to be clean)and lace donuts through it like when doing jewlry.(any type of donuts you want)Have to people(like a parent or sibling)hold both ends of the rope. Make sure there's enough donuts for every player. Under them put a table cloth. Then, have everyone stand in front of their donut and when you say "go" everyone will start eating their donut not using their hands. It normally falls but you can still pit it up and eat it because of the tablecloth. But if it falls you're out. The way to win is to eat your donut (without using your hands and it cannot fall on the floor) first. It may sound stupid but it's really fun.

Tween Dress Up - Anna
Split the girls up into two groups. Each group gets clothing, hats, belts, and accessories. Then they have to dress one of the players. After they're dressed, give them a makeover- hairstyle and makeup. You can have the best looking win or the worst looking one win. And you only get a certain amount of time. Like five minutes or less. It's fun and funny too!

The Mystery Box -  Lily from Stoughton, WI
What you will need is wrapping paper, (a lot) a box, and some paper. what you do is first you wrap the box in as many layers of wrapping paper that you want. after each layer, you will put a sheet of paper that says a task. like: hop on one foot, hold your breath, or have a staring contest. and once you have it all wrapped, you put a prize in the box, like candy. and everyone sits in a row. and you start from one person, and that person unwraps the first layer. and they will see their task. then they go to the next person next to them and that person will unwrap their layer and do their task. and then you keep going, and the last person to unwrap the last layer, gets the prize in the box.

If you loved me you would smile - Pro Sleepover Gal
A great game you can play is called, If you loved me you would smile: All the kids would sit in a well spaced circle. The person IT would walk around and choose someone sitting down. They walk up to them and say as funny as they can: "I love you( person who they walked up to) if you love me, you would smile." If they laugh, they are it. If they do not.. you find another person.

Flashlight Tag - Anonymous
This is just like tag but at night. Each person has a flashlight at first the person who is it counts to 10 while everyone runs and hide. The person who is it has to find 1 of the kids but the kids can run. When 1 of the kids gets found by the flashlight they are it.
It is super fun.

Guess Who - Mojo from Greensboro, NC
The birthday girl/boy acts like somebody they invited in the room and whoever gets it right gets to act like somebody if they do not get it person has to tell a secret and goes again

Cupcake Decorating Contest - Cupcake Girl
To get creative, try a (cake, cupcakes, cookie) decorating competition. You will need cake mixes (in different flavors is always nice), frosting (vanilla works best because it can be mixed with food coloring), different colors of food coloring, sprinkles,butter knives, and some yummy candy to decorate. Set up a station for each person coming. Allow a certain amount of time to come up with an idea, and give them a time limit for decorating. Have a judge(s) there to pick a winner, and have a special prize for them, such as a fake plastic trophy. Then let everyone take a picture of their creation, and let 'em eat it! :-D

Frozen T-Shirt Contest - Silvia
Dunk a 2 shirts in water and freeze for 2-3 days. During your birthday party take the shirts out and divid your friends into 2 groups. Each group is racing to thaw and put on the shirt. You can use anything in the yard to thaw it: hose, pool, slam it on the pavement, use your hands, breath on it, etc. Every 15 seconds you switch the person thawing the shirt. Have someone shout out "switch" ever 15 seconds. The first one team to thaw it and puts it one one of their teamates wins.

Pirate Game - Anonymous
Cannonball War
Make 2 "Ships" from cardboard boxes or plywood (decorate, name and cutout portholes) Place in yard facing one another with a large blue tarp in between for water.  Divide kids into 2 teams and provide with cannonballs (100+ black water-filled balloons!) Let the chaos ensue!!  If you don't want to use water balloons make cannons out of balled up newspaper wrapped in black hockey-tape

Tween Tangle - Monica from TX
Have all your guest gather in a circle. have everyone put their hands facing inside the circle. Then, have everyone grab another person's hand (use both hands)! After everyone has grabbed a hand try to un-tangle eachother without letting go! As a tween myself, i have to say this game is awesome! Take my word!

Dress Up Relay - Anonymous
You spilt into 2 teams then have 1/2 the team on one side of lawn(any grassy area) and each team gets an outfit in a bag and must put it on then race to the other team mate, take off the outfit and then the next player does the same (over clothes!!!!!) theres a fun game!!!!


What's missing? - Anonymous
We play this at a lot of parties i've to. First you find a tray of some sort and you put 7 to 15 items on it and then you pick somebody to hold the tray then you have everybody sit in a room and then the person with the tray comes in and lets everybody see it and then the person with the tray leaves the room and takes one thing off the tray and goes back in the room and everybody else has to guess what item is missing and whoever guesses gets to hold the tray and take a turn. You can also play this with people like they would take their hair pony out or take their socks off etc.

Food Guessing Game - Maia from Ottawa

Have one person put lots of different kinds of food in different bowls, while someone else gives monopoly {or just fake money} to your guests. then have the players auction for it. Nobody knows what it is,so it could be anything from liver to  chocolate. the person who buys it has to eat ALL of it, no matter what it is.



T-Shirt Game - Mikyla
This is a fun game, and you only need a few things: A huge bowl, lots of mini marshmallows or other candies, every t-shirt, sweater, tank top and hoddies, and the players! Here's what you do: Sit in a circle with the bowl. As the music plays, pass the bowl around. But before you pass it to the next person, eat a marshmallow or candy from it. Whoever has it when the music stops has to put on a shirt. Who ever is wearing the most shirts when they are all gone or when all the marshmallows or candies are gone wins.




Balloon Keep a Float - Chelsea from Hamiota
All of your friends get a balloon and get a parent to say ready steady go and every buddy tries to keep their balloon in the if a balloon touches the ground the person whose balloon that touches the ground they are out and you keep going until there is one person left. suggestion Every buddy shod have a

different color balloon.



Pop the Balloons! - Nikki from NY
Okay here is how it goes, first you set up balloons everywhere in the room(make sure u have space to breathe in)So now u have to have a little bit of two teams and then in 15 sec you have to POP THE BALLONS! It is really fun! I tried it a lot of times it is funastic! Well have fun with my ideas




Keep the Balloon in the Air - Bethyj
It is called keep the balloon in the air.You need to give each child a fully blown up round balloon and a sheet of A4 paper.The ain of the game is to keep the balloon in the air by wafting it with the paper.The last one in the air wins



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