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Shared Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare questions sent in by our readers. 
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Twisted Truth or Dare Variation
Lots of pencils
index cards/ pieces of paper to write on
Cup or hat

This version of Truth or Dare is great for any age group of kids. Everyone in the group gets two pieces of paper and a pencil. Tell each person to write down one truth and one dare (but make sure to tell them that they cannot be something they wouldn't be able to do themselves and not to racy). Once finished each person should fold their truths and dares and put them into the cup.
     Now comes the fun part. One person decides to go first and picks a piece of paper out of the cup. The person then reads aloud the truth or dare (or, to make it more spicier, does not tell) and does whatever it says. Once the person finishes the task, they choose the next person to go. This goes on until all of the papers have been used up. Then decide to do another round or do another activity (I doubt you'll choose the other activity!). Hope this helps!


Prank call your Mom and say it's the Pizza man.

1.Have you kissed...?  2.who do you fancy?

Hannah D.
1. Call WalMart and pretend to be an old, confused woman who thinks she's calling to make a dentist appointment to get her dentures cleaned.
2. sneak into your parents' room after they're already asleep and ask them a stupid question LOUDLY.

Stacy W.
For the truth or dare game, I think the new one should be where you sniff the armpit of the person across from you.

1. Go into your front/backyard and ask a neighbor for a soda!

2. Prank call ANYONE and ask what their phone number is!!! :P (my fave)

3. Go outside with a peice of paper, pen, stuffed animal, ect. ...and ask the very first person you see for whatever you brought with you!

did you ever dream of kissing your crush?

go to the person across from you and act like there dog for 15 minutes

text all the people you know and say i am a dork and so are you!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell who your first crush was on and the last one you had

have them carry a baby doll all day where ever they go(mall, restrant, ect.) very funny for guys!

Jenise from Garfield
Who do you like in the classroom?
Who is your best friend?
Hug someone you like/love

a good dare would be to get some one else to brush your teeth. using water, toothpaste AND a blindfold.

Jess from Bangkok
1. Go up and hug the host's dad.
2. Tell the host's brother or sister that you have a crush on them.
3. Dip the ends of your hair in the toilet.
4. Imitate Edward Cullen and Bella in the science lab.

Sing everything you say for the next hour.

Sleepover Gurl
prank call your crush.
take a UNDERWEAR or BRA and put it on your head for the rest of the game.:)
kiss an item in the room
tell one of your secrets.
say "i love you" to the next person that comes in.
Sing the gummy bear song while we tape you and put it on youtube.
have you ever stolen something from a friend or store?
how many secrets do you have?
If you can prank someone who would it be?
Who would you ask for advice??

Mikyla - Alberta
1. Truth: Which person in the room smells the worst?
2. Dare: lick a wall
3. Truth: How old were you the first time you put on your own makeup?
4. dare: Crawl under your bed and see what you find.

: Lick your elbow while hopping on 1 foot

Jacqueline - Florida
Prank Call your crush and ask if he wants to buy Toliet Paper
Call your crush and when he answers scream and hang up the phone

Go outside and ask the next person that you see if the aliens have arrived yet?
Go outside and ask the first person you see if they have seen your shadow.
Run down your street screaming out "Help me! What's my name?! I've forgotten my name!!!" (make sure you dont get run over by a car! lol)

Cowgirl - Tennessee
Take a cell phone outside at night and yell out loud "I can't get good reception." At the same time run all over the yard.

Run down the street in your PJ's.

go outside and scream im stupid

Dare: Go to the closest friends house, ring the doorbell, and tell them your taking a survey and ask them their favorite color

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