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Two Color Party Theme

Simple and easy party theme using only two colors.  This party is great for twins or siblings.  Let each child pick a color for the party - then decorate the party in shades of their favorite colors. 


Inside the invitation request that the party guests wear the party colors that the birthday kids have chosen. 

Buy invitations that match the colors that were chosen.  Include confetti in the invitations punched from the two colors of the party.

Decoration Ideas

Decorate in the two colors that were chosen ... and shades of those colors. Find different and fun things to liven up the party such as huge fans, feather boa's, lanterns, flowers, etc.


Party Games

A Mall Scavenger Hunt is fun and to incorporate it into the party make a list of items that are only the two colors. Break party guests into two teams and let one team find 1 of the colors and the other team find items in the second color.

There are free scavenger hunt lists on the website - just add another color to our
One Color Mall Hunt




Use the two colors and let the party guests paint wooden frames Pictures taken of the kids in their two colors would be a great idea to give the guests with their thank you cards and would look great in the frames.


Party Food

Find food choices from the two colors of your party.

Food can also be placed in bowls that match the parties colors if it doesn't match the color scheme.

A two color birthday party is a great theme for a candy buffet.  Choose candies in your two colors and fill vases, glass bowls and containers with them.  Let guests choose what candy they would like to take home as a party favor.



Party Favors

Colorful candies, finger nail polish, jewelry, bubbles, stickers, balls, etc.

Goody Bags
Paper sacks in your colors
Small baskets or boxes



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birthday party ideas for kids border

birthday party ideas for kids border

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Fun birthday party games for kids, birthday party ideas and party theme ideas  that makes planning the perfect party easy and fun! Birthday party ideas for boys and girls party celebrations that will make each party a Happy Birthday!

We are always looking for affordable, new and creative ideas!  If you have a unique or favorite idea for kids party favors, food, party invitations, decorations, treasure hunt games, birthday party group games, happy birthday wishes, birthday themes or kids birthday party places share them with us!