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Sponge Bob Birthday Theme


Sponge Bob Birthday Party Ideas for Kids



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Sponge Bob party theme ideas for a Sponge Bob birthday party. 

Bring one of the most loved under the sea characters to life at your next party with these great ideas.  





We've gathered together all the best Sponge Bob party ideas so you can choose your favorites. 


Ideas for Sponge Bob party games, Sponge Bob invitations, Sponge Bob party favors, decorations and much more!




Sponge Bob Invitation Ideas

Buy yellow bottles of bubbles and attach a large address label printed with the party information onto the bottle.  

Take the labels off of water bottles and fill with a little sand and a few sea shells.  Write party information on a piece of paper and roll up into a scroll - tie with twine.  Fun and easy message in a bottle.

Plain yellow note cards with some sand glued to the front of the card. 


Decoration ideas for a Sponge Bob party
Bright yellow helium balloons can be placed outside the party venue along with plastic or paper fish and ocean life cutouts hanging from the trees. 


Put some sand on the walkway to the party and add some shells.  Make a sign that says "Welcome to Bikini Bottom!" outside the front door. 


To make it look like the guests are walking into the ocean tape strips of blue crepe paper hanging from the front door or strings of blue beads.   


To make the party room look like it is underwater use light and dark blue shades of tulle attached at the center of the room and the corners of the party room. 



Fish can be made to swim in the room by attaching fishing line or white curling ribbon to the fish and the tulle. 


Blow up lots of helium balloons in shades of blues and white and let them float at the ceiling.  Tie curling ribbon to the balloons and then attach the fish and ocean life cutouts to the ribbon at different heights in the room. Rent or buy an automatic bubble blowing machine for a great under water effect. 


Bright balloons in pink and green can be stacked on top of each other to make columns of coral.


Hang pineapple cutouts, fish nets, sea shells and signs from the Sponge Bob show around the party area.


Place blue tablecloths on the party tables and scatter sand and shells on top.  

Yellow and blue plastic sand buckets can be used to hold party snacks and dip. 


Use the plastic sand shovels as serving spoons for the snacks.  



Sponge Bob Party Games


Catch the Jellyfish
Give each child a small net.  Blow bubbles - or use a bubble machine - and have them pop the bubbles with their nets.  
See our list of over 30 games to play with bubbles that would work really well with the Sponge Bob party theme.

Find the Formula
Set up a treasure hunt (directions for a treasure hunt) to find the krabby patty formula that has been stolen.  Leave clues around the house and then lead the party guests to a safe or locked box where the formula has been hidden.  Have them do several activities to retrieve the keys or find the combination of the safe. 



Jellyfish tag
Sponge Bob likes to catch jellyfish - but they can zap you if you aren't careful.  Play a fun game of jellyfish tag just as you would freeze tag.  Choose who will be "it".  That person tries to tag the other players.  When "it" tags someone they are zapped and can't move unless someone comes and unzaps them.  When everyone is zapped and can't move the person who was "it" chooses a guest to take their place.



Sponge Bob Jellyfish Toss Game
On heavy cardboard (or a good size box) draw several jellyfish. Cut holes about 4” round under the jellyfish and assign a point score to each hole. Cut up yellow sponges in ¼’s or ½’s and let guests take turns trying to throw the sponges into the jellyfish holes for points. Guest with the biggest point score after 3 throws wins a prize.



Jellyfish Hunt
Buy or make several pink and purple beanbags, or use small cloth balls. Hide them in the house or in the yard and let  kids go on a jellyfish hunt. You can send them out together to search for the items, or one at a time.

Variation: Buy several small prizes and number them. On the bottom of the bean bags write a number that corresponds  to one of the prizes. When they find a bean bag they can then claim the prize with the number on their beanbag.



Pineapple or Sponge Bob Piñata
Let the kids decorate lunch sacks before the piñata is broken to hold their loot.



Pin the Pants on Sponge Bob
Buy a large Sponge Bob poster and then trace his pants. Cut out several pair of pants - one for each child - and place tape on the back. Blindfold the children one at a time and let them try and stick Sponge Bobs pants on the poster. Nearest to the original pants wins a prize.




Sponge Bob Party Activities


Sponge paint wooden picture frames and decorate with shells or use foam stick-ons.

Paint guest faces with face paint to look like the Sponge Bob characters.

Ask guests to dress up as their favorite Sponge Bob character on the party invitation.


Make sponge paintings.  Buy several different types of sponges and cut them into 3" pieces.  Have the guests dip the sponges into acrylic paint and dab them onto canvas or heavy paper. 



Food Ideas for a Sponge Bob Party


1. Hamburgers (Krabby patties!)
Let the Sponge Bob guests build their own with a Krabby Patty assembly line filled with buns, burger patties, cheese, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, pickles, onions and mustard

2. Make Your Own Pizza's - cut out mozzarella slices in the shape of rectangles (Sponge Bob) or stars (Patrick) and place them on the pizzas before cooking.   


3. Platters of fruit kabobs and veggies with ranch dressing.  You can cut the fruit with a star shaped cookie cutter. 


4. Pineapple boats filled with pineapple and strawberries


5. Fruit smoothies


6. Peanut butter and jelly(fish) sandwiches cut into squares


7. Rice Krispie treats cut in the shape of Patrick (starfish) with cookie cutters




Sponge Bob Party Favors

Yellow bottles of Bubbles
Tropical fruit gushers
Sea creature stickers or small toys
Jelly fish nets (butterfly nets)
Sponge Bob themed toys or candy


Sponge Bob Goody / Party Bag Ideas


Chinese take out container - write “Krusty Krab Diner” on the side and attach the Krusty Krab logo.


Make brown lunch sacks into “Krusty Krab” carryout bags by stenciling the logo onto the bag.  Fold down the bag about 4" from the top and stencil ontothe part that is folded down.   


Sand Pails and shovels

Yellow paper bags



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