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Treasure Hunt Games


Treasure hunt ideas

Fun treasure hunt game variations that are the perfect party game for kids of all ages!  Girls and boys will enjoy going on a treasure hunt to decode clues that lead to a hidden treasure.  The treasures that the kids find can be used as party favors that they can take home after the party.   

Treasure hunt games can be played in many different ways.  The main idea of the treasure hunt game is to have the kids search for clues that will eventually lead them to the hidden treasure items that you have hidden before the birthday party begins. Treasure hunt games can be played inside or out - or both! 

A variation of the treasure hunt game is to hide objects around the party area and have the players try to find them.  This can be done as a group or individually. 




Hide objects or party favors around the house or outside.


Treasure Hunt Ideas



Find The Hidden Treasure


For this treasure hunt the players work together to solve clues that will lead them to a treasure box.  The first clue will have a puzzle or a rhyme that the kids will have to figure out in order to find where the next clue is hidden. 

Example: First game clue (hand to the children) says “Sweet dreams Katie” - the children must figure out that this game clue leads to Katie’s bed. On Katie’s bed place another clue that might say “ Brrrr … it’s cold in here” this will lead them to the refrigerator ..and so on.


You can also add funny puzzles or actions that the boys and girls have to complete before you will hand them their next clue. 

Make a human pyramid
Everyone has to say the alphabet backwards
Sing Happy Birthday
Say 3 nursery rhymes
Crab walk to the far side of the yard and back


When setting up this type of treasure hunt before the party here are some tips that will make it easier:

Write out your clues on colorful paper, number them 1 - 20 and then cut them apart and fold them. Then on the outside of the folded papers write down where you are going to hide it.  On a piece of paper write out your clues one after the other, cut them apart and fold them.

Make sure the clues take them inside and outside and all around the party area. Each clue leads to the next and at the end of the hunt is a treasure for the group.

String Treasure Hunt:
For this game take three or four different colored strings/yarn and unwind them all over the house, inside and outside. Up the stairs and then back down. Over and under furniture, beds and chairs. Treasure hunt teams must wind up their roll of string to find the treasure at the end of the roll.


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The Treasure


The treasure can be made up of different toys and candies that are in the theme of the birthday party.  Include small sacks or bags in the treasure chest so that the kids can take the treasure home as a party favor.


The treasure can also be something else like the birthday cake.  Or make the clues lead to a craft area if you are doing a craft for the party. 





Fun Ideas From Our Readers


To make the hunt longer I usually place something in the clue that they have to accomplish before they can move on to the next treasure hunt clue. Silly things such as building a 4 ft high tower with blocks, singing 4 nursery rhymes with the name John in them, a human pyramid, etc.


 Give players a treasurehunt bag (usually at the 3rd or 4th clue) and then have them find little prizes (rings, balls, candy) along the way at the stops. This is a lot of fun and well worth the work! All my kids' friends still remember these treasure hunts! - Jan, NY




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