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One Color
Mall Scavenger Hunt List

One color scavenger hunt list
Teams search for items in the Mall that are all one color. 

Choose a color from your birthday party theme or choose two and let teams hunt for different colors of items from the same list. 

This scavenger hunt is best played with a  digital camera, but if your mall won't allow pictures to be taken inside the stores it can be modified to be a cheap scavenger hunt.  Hunt for presents and prizes for the birthday party or give each team $10.00 and have them purchase as many items as they can with it.  Make sure to get receipts so the stores and amounts can be verified. 

** Video and Digital cameras are not allowed in some malls - call and check with mall security first to make sure they are allowed inside the mall.

Free Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Free for non-commercial use - if posting on the web please use a link back to Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.  Thank you!



No two items may be from the same store.   All team members must be in the picture.  

  5 points for picture of each item.   
10 point bonus for first team to arrive at the meeting place. 
10 point deduction for every instance of running, screaming or being rude.
  1 point deduction for every minute teams are late to the meeting place.

# Color _____________________
1. Shopping bag
2. Fancy Hat - 3 bonus points if it has a feather
3. Loose button
4. High Heel shoe - 7 bonus points if pic everyone wearing the shoes
5. Store Sign
6. Fuzzy Sweater - 3 bonus points if at least 2 of your team is wearing it
7. Coat
8. Sale Sign
9. Eyeshadow - 3 bonus points if all team members come back wearing it
10. Earrings
11. Socks
12. Tie - 3 bonus points if it has stripes on it
13. Pants - 3 bonus points if at least 2 of your team is wearing it in the picture
14. Fuzzy Dice
15. Necklace - 3 bonus points if it has a heart on it
16. Gumball
17. Food sample
18. Hair Clip
19. Purse
20. Sunglasses
21. Mascara
22. Nail Polish
23. Farm Animal
24. Shirt - 3 bonus points if it has polka dots
25. Bookcover (book with orange in the cover)
26. Video controller
27. Loose bead or sequin
28. Skateboard
29. Gift card
30. Store display - 10 point bonus for the team which brings back the largest one
31. Glitter
32. Business card
33. Children's shoe - 3 point bonus if the shoe has a bow on it
34. Fish
35. Suitcase
36. Umbrella
37. Balloon - 3 bonus points if it is a helium balloon
38. Board Game
39. Chair or sofa
40. Wind chime
41. Birthday Candle

This scavenger hunt is perfect for the
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