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Monkey Party Theme


Monkey birthday cupcakes

Monkey theme birthday party ideas for kids. 

Ideas for monkey invitations, monkey decorations, monkey activities and games, monkey party favors and monkey goody bags.

See our Sock Monkey party theme for more fun ideas! 

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Monkey Party Invitations
Purchase plastic bananas and write the party details on the banana with permanent marker.

Cut banana shapes out of yellow construction paper or cardstock.  Fold the paper in half and draw a banana on the front making sure that part of the banana touches the edge of where the paper is folded.  Cut the banana leaving the fold attached.  Spread glue on the front and sprinkle on glitter.  Write party information on the inside. 

Make large monkey faces with construction or scrapbook paper and glue them on the front of blank cards.

Decoration Ideas for a Monkey Party

Decorate the party room like a jungle. 

Place banana's, coconuts and palm leaves on tables.  Use 2 colors of green balloons and streamers.  Make vines by twisting large sheets of green tissue paper together to make long, thin pieces.  Tape the vines to walls, chairs, tables, etc. 

Cut strips of crepe paper into varying lengths 7 - 12".  Tape them onto mantles, doorways, or tables side by side so they hang down. 

Monkey Birthday Activities

Paint monkey faces on each guest with face paint. 

Rent a bounce house for the little monkeys to use up their energy.

Plan a trip to the zoo.

Monkey Party Games

Birthday Monkey in the Middle
Fun outdoor game for little monkeys!  To begin have the party guests form a large circle around the birthday child.  The birthday child is the "monkey".  Give one of the children in the outer circle a small ball, plastic banana or a sock monkey.  The children on the outer circle have to throw the object over the head of the "monkey" to someone on the opposite side of the circle.  The "monkey" tries to catch the object as they are throwing it back and forth.  When the "monkey" catches the object he/she then goes to the outer circle and the one who threw the object is the new "monkey".

Relay Monkey Races
Set up several relay races using Monkey themes.  Divide party guests into 2 teams and line them up one after the other.  Set up a turn around point (mark it with an orange cone or big banana) about 20 - 30 yards from where the teams line up.  Guests take turns going through the course - when one person makes it back to the line the next person can go.  First team with all of their members across the finish line first wins.  Some fun examples of monkey relay races are: 

Monkey walk - Guests monkey walk as fast as they can to the cone and back. 

Banana on a Spoon - Give each team a wooden spoon and a banana.  They must balance the banana on the spoon and walk the course.  If the banana falls they must return to the start and begin again.

Peel bananas - Guests are given a pile of bananas and one by one they must peel the bananas ... using only their feet!  

Monkey in a barrel - Using two barrels of Monkeys (one for each team) tell the guests they must hook together two monkeys and run the course - then the next person in line will run the course with three monkeys and so on. 

Carrying a banana - Kids must run the course while holding a banana under their chin or between their knees (or both!)

Make the relay races more challenging for older children by placing obstacles in their course such as crawling under ropes, going up and down a slide, jumping through hula hoops, climbing over the trampoline, etc. 

For more fun games see our birthday party games page.

Monkey Themed Party Food
Banana Splits
Fried bananas
Fruit salad
Monkey bread
Trail mix
Frozen chocolate covered bananas on a stick
Banana bread
Fruit kabobs
For an easy cupcake topper use a monkey from the Barrel Full of Monkeys game and place in the center of the cupcake.

Monkey Birthday Party Favors
Mini bananas
Banana flavored lip gloss, perfume or chap stick
Scratch and sniff banana stickers
Monkey key chains
Monkey pens, pencils, pads of paper
Banana flavored candy

Birthday Goody Bags

Monkey drawstring bag
Yellow paper bags with monkey stickers

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