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Little Man Party Ideas


Little Man Theme birthday party ideas



The Little Man birthday party theme is perfect for young boys and especially fun for a 1st birthday party theme. 

These party ideas will make the Little Man party something to remember.  


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Little Man Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
Make invitations out of blue note cards by cutting out either a tie or bowtie from scrapbook paper and gluing to the front of the note card.  If you use a bow tie you can also glue 3 or 4 white buttons underneath the bowtie in a vertical line.

Cut out shapes of mustaches, bowties, long ties or dress shirts and paste to the front of note cards. 

Make or buy note cards that have a tuxedo pattern on the front.





Little Man Party Decorations
Decorate with long ties and bowties.  Start outside and tie ties and bow ties around the mailbox and hang them from trees outside.  (Thrift shops and garage sales are great places to find cheap ties in large quantities.) 

Hang ties and/or bowties from chandeliers, the mantle, staircases and entryways. 

Make a banner using long ties draped over a cord and gluing the letters of your little man's name to each tie.  Or make a paper banner using scrapbook paper in tie patterns.  Or make a cute banner using triangles and paper mustaches glued to the center of each triangle.

Set out a table full of bowties and regular ties and ask guests to wear them during the party.   A piece of string attached to each side of a bowtie will make it easy to wear as a necklace.


For the birthday boy and his guests make an easy tie appliqué t-shirt for them to wear.  You will need Heat and Bond, a t-shirt and some fabric.  Following the directions on the Heat and Bond iron the fabric and the Heat and Bond together.  On the Heat and Bond side trace a bowtie or regular tie pattern and cut out.  Peel off the back of the Heat and Bond paper, place the tie on the t-shirt and iron.  Very easy and fun to give as a party favor!

Decorate tables with bright blues, greens and oranges or make it subtle and use old chambray shirts sewed together as a table runner.   

Place snacks and food in dishes and then place inside men's hats such as a fedora or top hat. 

Dress up food tall food containers by cutting off a sleeve from a man's shirt and setting the container inside it.

Cut out paper mustaches and glue to party hats. 




Little Man Party Games

See the party games pages for 1st birthday party games and   games for 2,3 & 4 year olds.




Party Food Ideas
Serve large pretzel sticks in a cigar box.

Serve bowtie shaped food by cutting out two triangles and placing them together at the point of the triangles to make a bowtie shape.  Cut out bowties from sandwiches, fruit, brownies and cookies. 

Serve bowtie pasta with different sauces.

Set out bottles of root beer in a large tub on ice.

Make a candy table full of different types of candies that match your birthday theme colors.  Use different sizes and shapes of jars and bowls. 

Make a Bar-B-Q style cake for everyone to enjoy.

Dress up water bottles with small bowties, mustaches or regular ties.



Little Man Party Favors
Bubbles - attach a small bowtie or mustache to each bottle with hot glue.

Chocolate mustaches or ties - buy a candy mold and make your own.

Boxes of animal crackers

Fill glass jars with uncooked bowtie pasta and tie a ribbon or raffia around the top right under the lid.



Little Man Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Decorate plain brown bags by gluing on a tie or bowtie made of scrapbook paper or fabric.

Place party favors in different types of men's hats. 

Tie up favors in chambray fabric and tie with a white ribbon or raffia.  

See our 1st birthday party ideas for fun ideas and activities for your little man and the first birthday.





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