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Invisible Ink Recipe

Invisible Ink Recipes

Fun invisible ink recipes for making invisible ink at home. 

Easy, cheap, homemade recipes that use everyday items in your kitchen!

Great do it yourself idea for birthday parties.

Lemon Juice
Place lemon juice in a small bowl and write a message on a piece of paper using a small paintbrush.

To read the message hold the paper 6" from a light bulb or iron.  The heat will make the writing appear.

Vinegar or Baking Soda (1 to 1 ratio)

Use a small paint brush to write a note on paper.  Let dry.

To reveal paint or sponge the paper with grape juice.


Paint or swab a message onto paper with Milk.  Let the paper dry.   To see the message hold next to a candle, light bulb or swipe over the paper with an iron. 


No Ink
Lay a piece of paper on top of another piece of paper.   Using a pencil write your message on the top piece of paper.   Remove the top piece of paper.  To reveal the message use a pencil to lightly color over the bottom piece of paper. 


Fun idea to use with our Spy birthday party theme!


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We are always looking for affordable, new and creative ideas!  If you have a unique or favorite idea for kids party favors, food, party invitations, decorations, treasure hunt games, birthday party group games, happy birthday wishes, birthday themes or kids birthday party places share them with us!