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Paper Mache Recipes


paper mache cupcake


Quick and easy do it yourself recipes for homemade paper mache.

4 favorite paper mache recipes and instructions on how to make Paper Mache for piñatas.

Paper Mache can be used for all kinds of art projects and especially to make a Paper Mache Pinata for a birthday party. 


There are many different ways to make the Paper Mache paste. 

Make sure to start your project 4 - 5 days before the party so it will have time to dry. 




Easy and Inexpensive Paper Mache Recipes



Paper Mache #1
Simply use liquid fabric starch.  Place the liquid fabric starch in a bowl.  Tear strips of newspaper 1" x 6".  One or two pieces at a time dip the newspaper into the fabric starch to wet them.  Run the strips of newspaper between your fingers to remove any excess fabric starch.  Place on the balloon or base of your pinata and smooth down.  Repeat with until your project is covered with multiple layers of newspaper.  The more fabric starch you use the longer it will take the pinata to dry. 



Paper Mache recipe #2
1 Cup Flour   
5 Cups Water
Mix together in a pot and boil for 3 - 4 minutes.  Let cool before using. 
(Dries clear, but not as strong as the unboiled method below)

Paper Mache recipe #3
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Water
Mix together in a large bowl.
(Using an electric mixer will remove the lumps)


Paper Mache recipe #4
1 Cup Elmer's Glue (if using a cheaper brand use more)
1 Cup Water
Mix together. 

For all the recipes you will need:
Newspaper torn into strips about 1" wide - tear the paper instead of cutting it.  Tearing will make the papers blend into each other. You will also need a balloon or other base such as a large box or a wire shape if you are making a very large pinata.








Tips: Along with the newspaper tear strips of white copy paper to use as the last layer.  It makes painting much easier and quicker. 

For the look of clay or leather use strips from brown grocery sacks.

Recycle by using old wrapping paper for the strips.

When the object is completely dry you can sand down any rough edges with sandpaper.

Use tissue paper to make small details.

Use toilet or paper towel tubes for arms, legs and tails. 


Paper Mache For Pinatas

For piñatas - cover a large balloon with the paper mache paste.  When dry cut a 2" x 2" hole in the top of the piñata cutting only 3 sides and leaving one side attached as a hinge.  Pop the balloon and discard.  Decorate the piñata.  Fill with wrapped candies and small toys.  Close and tape the hole closed.   Attach a string to hold the piñata by drilling two holes in the top and threading a heavy string or small rope through the holes.     

Directions: Dip newspaper strips into paper mache mixture and wipe off excess by pulling the strip gently between two fingers.  Lay strips onto blown up balloons (perfect for piñatas), 2 liter bottles, milk jugs, etc. 

Continue layering the strips until the object is
covered in up to 4 layers of newspaper.  Let dry completely - this will usually take 2 - 3 days. 

Paint outside of object with acrylic paints or glue on squares of colorful tissue paper.

Make this easy pinata by using paper mache over a balloon and then decorating it with layers of round tissue paper or, even easier, paper cupcake liners.  This shape could easily be made into a cupcake or an ice cream cone pinata!

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