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Acorn Birthday Party Ideas

acorn party ideas

We've collected our favorite Acorn birthday party ideas, games and activities which are fun on their own or with other Fall / Autumn party ideas.     

Included is a Fall theme Scavenger Hunt with a free item list that is perfect for a birthday game or activity!

Acorn Theme Party Games


Acorn Pass Race
Acorns / Small Dixie cups
Divide birthday party guests in to 2 teams. Each team member gets a Dixie style cup. Have the players in each team stand (or sit inside) in a line. At one end of the line set up a dish with 25 acorns and at the other end of each line set up an empty dish. On “go” the first person in line will scoop out an acorn into their cup and put it in the next players cup, then the second player will pass the acorn to the 3rd player in line and so on until the last player in line puts the acorn in the dish at the end of the line. Race to see who can move their acorns down the line the fastest. Play 2 different ways: One acorn in the line at a time or let the kids pass several down the line. Play a few rounds so the party guests can get the hang of the game.


Have the players stand farther apart (5 feet) so they have to run to the next player to get their acorn and to pass it.
Have players sit in a circle.

On the second round have players reverse direction and pass the acorns back to the front of the line.





Acorn Relay
Wooden Spoons / Acorns
Divide players into two teams and give each team a wooden spoon and 1 acorn. The players one at a time run from the starting point, around a chair at the other end of the room (or a cone) and back without dropping the acorn from the spoon.

If the acorn drops off of the spoon during their turn then the player must return to the start and begin again. First team with all their players to complete the relay wins.

When the kids are familiar with the game after a round or two play other rounds and make it more challenging by having the players: walk backwards, walk sideways, crawl, walk on their knees, hold onto the spoon with a partner



Harvesting Squirrel
Large area outside to hide objects / Plastic acorns or seeds

Before the party hide the objects around the party area or outside.

Give each guest a paper sack and ask them to help the local squirrels harvest the nuts that are hidden. After the kids collect the acorns let them trade them in for small prizes.



Acorn Chopstick Race
Chopsticks / Acorns / 2 Bowls per player
Give each player two bowls and a pair of chopsticks.  Fill one of each players bowls with 25 acorns.  On “go” players try to transfer their acorns from one bowl to the other using only their chopsticks.  The first player that transfers all their acorns to their other bowl wins! 



Acorn Birthday Party Activities


Squirrel Treasure Hunt
Acorns or plastic eggs (acorns!) or paper cutouts of acorns

Before the party hide lots of acorns (about 15 - 20 per party guest) around the party area.   To make them stand out you can paint them a bright color that matches the party theme.  Have the kids pretend to be squirrels on the hunt for their acorns and send them out to find the hidden acorns.  

Give each player a brown paper bag to hold their items.  
After all the acorns have been found let the children trade their acorns for small prizes.  

For parties with younger and older children both playing the game make the acorns out of different color paper and assign each child a color to find. 



Fall Theme Scavenger Hunt

Set up a fun Fall Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for party guests with a Fall theme!  Our free Fall Scavenger Hunt List has 30 fun Fall / Autumn theme items to find.   Includes directions and set up instructions.  Print out the free Fall Scavenger Hunt list and divide the party guests into 2 equal teams.  Each team goes out with a supervising adult and the team that finds the most items from the scavenger hunt list within the time limit wins. Great for an Acorn theme party!    For kids, tweens and teens -  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year olds.  


Acorn Pumpkin Toss
Large hollowed out pumpkins / Acorns
Set the pumpkins out in a line going away from the starting line.  Number the pumpkins 1 to 6 or give them a point value where the closest pumpkin is worth the least amount of points (10) and the farthest pumpkin is worth the most points (60). 
Players stand in a line in front of the row of pumpkins.

One at a time the players toss their acorns into the pumpkins starting with the closest and then in turn the next closest to them and so on.  Add up the point value of the players when their acorns land in a pumpkin.  When an acorn lands in the pumpkin they get that many points.  


Any acorns that are dropped or that do not go into the pumpkin are not recorded.  Add up the points after a round and present the winner with a small prize.  Play several rounds.  




Acorn Birthday Party Food Ideas

acorn party food ideas

Acorn Doughnut Holes
Doughnut holes
Pretzel Sticks
Fall holiday sprinkles
Dip a doughnut hole into Nutella.  Roll in fall themed sprinkles and then stick a pretzel stick down the middle for a stem.  Super cute Acorn party food idea!



Acorn Birthday Party Favors
Small pot with acorn seeds
Small birdfeeder filled with birdseed
Candy corn



Acorn Birthday Goody Bags
Brown paper bags tied with large yellow ribbon



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