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15 Fall Minute to Win It Style Games


15 Fall Minute to Win It Games



Items you will need to play the games:
(not all items are used in each game)

Orange Construction Paper
Candy Corn
Mini Pumpkins
Large Pumpkins
Plastic Solo Cups
Turkey Baster
Orange Pompoms
Chopsticks String
Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts
Paper / Pencils
Duct Tape
Turkey cut outs
Orange Balloons
Paint Sticks
Empty 2 Liter bottles





Fall Minute To Win It Games


1.  Acorn Toss
Pair all players into teams of two. Give one person in each team a plastic Solo cup and the other person in the team acorns. Have the two players stand ten feet apart from each other. The person with the acorns needs to throw all of the acorns into the plastic cup that his/her teammate is holding. The team with the most acorns in the cup after a minute wins. To make this game harder, have the person who is throwing the acorns throw them over his/her shoulder or throw them while blindfolded.



2.  Apple Jack Thread
Apple Jack cereal (or froot loops) / red pipe cleaners
Players try to thread the Apple Jacks onto the pipe cleaner using only one hand.  



3.  Candy Cornado
Fill one of the 2 liter bottles with the candies – about 1/3 of the way full. Place the other 2 liter bottle so that the 2 bottles openings are together and tape them together. Use a stop watch or timer and see if a player can transfer all the candy from one bottle to the other in 1 minute.



4.  Candy Corn on the Cob
Give each player half of a peeled banana and a package of candy corn. The players get one minute to stick the candy corn to the banana to resemble a corn on the cob (put the point of the candy corn into the banana so that the yellow end sticks out). The player to cover their entire banana in less than one minute wins.



5. Candy Corn Run Relay
Supply each player with a straw and several pieces of candy corn. On go, each player has to use the straw to suck up a piece of candy corn and run to deposit it on the other side of the room. The player who gets the most pieces of candy corn across the room in less than a minute wins! You can also have the players pick the candy up with their tongue and deposit it on the other side, so they would not need to use straws.



6. Candy Corn Stack
Give each player a dish containing candy corn. Set a timer to 1 minute and see how many pieces of candy corn they can stand upright before time is called.




7. Doughnut Challenge
Hang a string between two chairs. Tie a string around a pumpkin spice flavored donut and hang it from the string in-between the chairs. The player has one minute to eat the donut without using his/her hands. If the donut falls off the string, the player is out.







8. Harvest Chop Chop
Chopsticks / Candy Corn or Acorns
Give each player two bowls and a pair of chopsticks. Fill one of each player’s bowls with 25 pieces of candy corn or some acorns. On “go” players transfer their candy corn from one bowl to the other using only their chopsticks.



9. Leaf Blower
Gather leaves from outside or create some using construction paper. Give each player a leaf and a straw. The players put their leaf on a flat surface, such as a table, and have one minute to blow it from one end to the other using the straw.



10. Pumpkin Bop
Supply each player with a pencil and a blown-up orange balloon. The players must put the pencil in their mouths and use it to keep the balloon in the air for one minute. No using any other body parts!



11. Pumpkin Goo Relay
Open up a pumpkin and put it at the starting line. Put a bowl for each player at the finishing line and give each player a spoon. Players have one minute to scoop pumpkin pulp out of the opened pumpkin and dump it into their bowl at the finishing line. The player with the most pumpkin pulp in his/her bowl after one minute wins.



12. Pumpkin Head Relay
Give each player a mini pumpkin to balance on his/her head. The players must run from one end of the yard to the other without the pumpkin falling off their heads. To make this game more difficult, include obstacles that the players must complete before reaching the finish line.



13. Pumpkin Shuffle
Pumpkin Cut pumpkins out of construction paper, one for each player and a few extras. Divide players into two teams and have them stand in a line, with each player standing on a cutout pumpkin. Put an extra pumpkin in front of the line leaders.


The teams must get from the starting line to the finish line in less than one minute while only stepping on the pumpkins. Players will move up one and stand on the pumpkin in front of them and then the last player will pick up the pumpkin they were just standing on and pass it to the front of the line where the first player will put it in front of them and the players will advance.



14.Pumpkin Stack
Supply the player with five mini pumpkins, and give the player one minute to stack the pumpkins on his/her head. The player needs to keep the pumpkins on his/her head for a minimum of five seconds to win this challenge.



15. Pom Pom Relay
Give the player a turkey baster and a handful of small orange pompoms. The player must use the turkey baster to transfer the pompoms from one bowl to another bowl that is across the room in less than one minute.



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