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 8th Birthday Party Ideas


Ideas for an 8th birthday party


Birthday Party Ideas and party planning help for an 8 year old birthday!

Eight is great!   We've listed our favorite ideas and links on our site where you can find the best party games, themes, activities and more for an 8th birthday party.  Fun ideas that let you choose the best party ideas for your child, guests and budget.  Birthday party ideas for girls and boys age 8 years old.

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Invitation Tips

If you need help with filling out the invitation, getting guests to respond to the RSVP or handling sticky situations (wanting parents to stay, wanting parents to not stay, food allergies, siblings etc. )
see our page on Invitations and RSVP help

Party Games for 8 year olds


Hula Hoopla Game
After splitting into two teams have children line up in two lines. Have each member of a team hold hands and tell them not to let go.  Teams then try and get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other and then back again without letting go of their hands.  This birthday party game is silly and fun!


Treasure Hunt Games
Treasure hunts can be played in many different ways.  The main idea of the treasure hunt game is to have the kids hunt hidden treasure by using clues. Several variations of this birthday party game are listed under our treasure hunt page.

Egg and Spoon Games

Kids race while holding an egg (or use a cotton ball, ping pong ball or other small ball) on a wooden spoon. 

The team that has all their players complete the course first wins.   
For a fun variation use a prop from the birthday party theme such as a sword and coins.

Giant Game
A fun birthday party game that really gets the kids involved ... as the playing pieces! 
Use sidewalk chalk to draw a very large (HUGE!) oversized game board.  The game board can be drawn in an oval, circle or figure eight.  Make squares on the board that are 18".   In the squares, beginning with the start square,  write directions that the players have to follow when they land in that square.  Some fun ideas are .... Move back 3 spaces, Twirl, Squawk like a chicken, etc. that have to be continually done until their next turn.   The players themselves are the playing pieces!  You can make two super big dice from square boxes for them to roll during the game. 



Silly Racing Games for 8 year olds
Divide party guests into teams of two or more for these games.  

Hold relay style races by: 
Holding a blown up balloon in between the heads of team members

Holding blown up balloons between knees

Skipping forwards and then backwards

Balancing a book or other item on their head

Jumping rope and singing a nursery rhyme or happy birthday while they jump

Balancing a little ball on the top of their feet

While bouncing a play ball

Water Relay Games for age 8 year olds
Teams have to move water from one side of the playing field to the the other using spoons, sponges or cups with holes in the bottom.  Great for summer parties because everyone gets wet!  Set out a large tub filled with water at the far end of the field and two smaller containers that are equal in size next to the teams starting point.  Kids run to the tub, get water and carry it to fill their container.

Mystery Fishing Game
Before the party you will need to buy small toys or candy for the "fish" to attach to the fishing pole.  Make sure to have enough for the kids to play over and over.  

You'll need a fishing pole made from a bamboo stick, yarn and a clothespin attached at the end of the pole.    You will also need a place for the "fish" to hide while they attach the prizes onto the fishing poles.   Use a large decorated appliance box, a blue sheet thrown over a card table or a blue table cloth or sheet hung between walls of a hallway.     

Kids will throw their line over into the water and the "fish" attach a prize to their line. 


Rattlesnake Tag
This is a fun tag game for when you are outside or have plenty of space to run.  Guests will line up and hold hands.  They can not let go of each other's hands for any reason.  The first person in line is the Rattlesnakes head and they try to tag the last person in line or the rattle.  When the first person has tagged the "rattle" then the "rattle" comes to the front of the line and becomes the "head".  Continue until everyone has had a chance to catch the rattlesnake's tail.


Scavenger Hunt Games
Scavenger hunts can be played many different ways and are always fun to play at a party.  The main idea of the scavenger hunt is to divide into teams / teams race to find (or do) the items on a list.   7 fun varieties of scavenger hunt games. 


For more party games see our party games page filled with games for 7, 8 and 9 year olds.
Fun 8 year old party games

Beach Ball Games

Squirt Gun Games

Birthday Activities for 8 year olds


Sidewalk Chalk
Set out several buckets of sidewalk chalk and let the party guests draw whatever they want.  Or give them some direction using our Sidewalk chalk guide with over 30 things to do with sidewalk chalk. 

Petting Zoo
Hire a small petting zoo to come to your backyard and set up all sorts of animals for the birthday party.  There are fun activities for all the birthday party guests!   Some even have miniature pony rides that can set up in your backyard!  Fun for all types of birthday themes - cowboy, western, barnyard, animal lovers, etc.



Birthday Party Themes for 8 year olds


Art Birthday Party Theme




Despicable Me


Troll Party

And over 200 more to choose from on our birthday party themes page!  

The perfect way to get the party started!!

Each theme is filled with free and fun diy ideas for theme party games, activities, decorations, invitations, party favors, goody bags, party food and much more!  

Party Food ideas for the 8th birthday

Cut out shapes with a cookie cutter from bread, cheese, sandwich meats or hamburger patties to make a fun sandwich that fits in with your theme.  For example use a Mickey Mouse ears cookie cutter for a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  You can also cut shapes out of bar cookies and brownies - and even make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

See all of the Party Food Ideas we've collected that are perfect for 8 year olds.

More Fun Ideas:

Sleepover and Slumber Party Guide - make planning the perfect sleepover easy!  Fun games, activities, crafts and more! 

Would You Rather Game - Over 200 fun Would You Rather Questions.  Rated G and fun for 8 year olds!  Print them out for free.

Minute to Win It Games

Party Planning Tips for 8 Year Olds

Planning the party

When you are planning the party keep a notebook close by that you can write down what you might need help with during the party .  When friends and / family ask how they can help show them the "help" list and then they can choose  a spot to help with the party.  

Having these area covered by friends and family will allow you to enjoy the party.    

1 or 2 adults that can take pictures of the boys and girls while they are playing games, opening presents etc.  

Cake and Ice Cream
Responsible for cutting and serving the cake and ice cream. 

Party Games
Adults or older children that can take over and explain the games to the kids and supervise during game time.

Arts and Crafts
Watch over the birthday activity or art tables and make sure the kids have the supplies they need and offer advice or help when needed.

Write down who gifts are from - great help when writing thank you notes! 

Melt Down Zone
An adult who can gently remove a child who is cranky or being mean until they can return to the party. 

8th Birthday Timeline
Here is a basic timeline for a eighth birthday party.  Change this party time line based on the your schedule.  Add 30 minutes if you will be serving a meal.  
This is based on a party from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

2:00 - Guests Begin to Arrive  
During this time when the boys and girls are arriving set up a simple but fun Icebreaker style game or have an activity table set up with a simple craft. 

These are our favorite Icebreaker games:
Icebreaker Games for 8 year old parties

2:10- Birthday Games  
Decide on several party games that will fit in with the birthday party theme.   Have all the items for each game set up and ready to go during game time. 

Have 3 to 5 games (see list below) prepared in case you need to fill time.  

An adult or older sibling can explain the rules of the game to the boys and girls so everyone knows how to play.     

2:55 - Party Activity
8 years olds will love an activity or craft such as painting, creating something that matches the birthday party theme or maybe a Scavenger Hunt! 

Also decorating cookies or cupcakes is always a fun activity.   This is also a good time for entertainment such as a clown, entertainer, or petting zoo. 
See our full list of Party Activities for more ideas.

3:25 - Open the Presents
The birthday child opens their presents during this time or they can do this during activity time.

3:40 - Cake and Ice Cream!  And Happy Birthday!

4:00 - Party end 
If you are handing out goody bags filled with party favors set them by the front door so they are ready to go when guests are leaving.  

Add 30 minutes to the party if you will be serving brunch, lunch or dinner.   With an afternoon party you don't have to serve a meal.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids:












Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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