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Ten Birthday Party Games
Using Household Items

10 party games using household items

Fun birthday party games that are easy to set up and use items that are already around the house!  

1.  Give each player a small sandwich cookie, like an Oreo, and have them put the cookie on their forehead. The players get one minute to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. Whoever is able to accomplish this feats, wins!

2.  Pair all of the players into group of two. Give one player from each team a small Dixie cup and the other player from the team a handful of small marshmallows. Have the partners stand five feet away from each other. The players with the marshmallows has one minute to throw all of their marshmallows into their partner’s cups. The team with the most marshmallows in their cup wins!

3.  Provide each player with one uncooked piece of spaghetti and six uncooked pieces of penne pasta. Place the penne pasta onto a flat surface, such as a table. The players must put the piece of spaghetti in their mouth and use it to pick up six pieces of penne pasta within one minute.

4.  Blow up one balloon for each player and attach it to a two-foot string. Tie one string onto each player’s ankle. Put all of the players into the same room and have them stomp on other’s balloons to pop them while keeping their own balloon from being popped. The last player to keep his/her balloon from being popped wins!



5.  Make an obstacle course in the front or backyard using objects like playground sets, trampolines, big boxes, hula hoops, basketball nets, or anything else you have around the property. Explain the obstacle course to all of the players, then time each one as they complete the course. Give the players multiple chances to complete the course to see if they can beat their times, or make the course more challenging by having them do the obstacles in the opposite order to walk backwards.

6.  Create a life-sized board game using chalk on concrete outside. Make the spaces large enough for people to stand inside. Write instructions in several of the spaces, such as ‘jump forward two spaces’ or ‘ reset back to start’. Use a big box to make a dice. Have all of the players start at the beginning and roll the dice to determine how and where they move. The first player to reach the finish line wins!

7.  Divide all players into two teams. Give the first player in line a plastic spoon and a small object, such as a dice, cotton ball, or egg. The player needs to put the spoon handle in his/her mouth and put the small object on the spoon. Have the two players race to a designated spot twenty feet away and back, then hand off the object to the next player. The first team to complete this relay wins.

8.  Play music and have all the party guests walk around the room. Turn the music off and yell out two body parts, such as ‘head to foot’ or elbow to knee’. The party guests need to pair off and complete the instructions by touching the designated body parts together (i.e., one person’s elbow to the other person’s knee). The last team to complete the instructions are out, and the final team left wins!

9.  Give each player three clothespins to attach to his/her clothing. The players run around trying to snatch other player’s clothespins to attach to their own. When the game is over, have the players count how many clothespins they have left on their clothing. The player with the most clothespins wins.

 10.   Divide players into groups of two or three and
designate one person in each group as a mummy.
Give each team two or three rolls of toilet paper.
On the word ‘go’, have the partners wrap the ‘mummy’
on their team using all of the toilet paper.
The first group to use all of toilet paper wins.




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