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 14th Birthday Party Ideas


14th birthday


14 Year Old Birthday Party Themes
Our top 14 theme picks are:

1. Sunflower

2.  Spa Party

3.  Rock Star

4.  Neon Party

5.  Survivor

6.  Movie

7.  Charity (give back to others)

8.  Peacock

9.  Cupcake

10. Dance Party

11. Fear Factor

12. Wish Upon a Star

13. Mardi Gras

14. 1980's

Each party theme has free and fun ideas for party invitations, birthday decorations, games, activities, icebreakers, party favors and goody bags.

More themes!  200 birthday party theme ideas 







14 Year Old Birthday Party Games


Teen Party Games
The best party games that 14 year old like to play! Teenage party games



Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Venues, where to have a teenage party for 14 year olds, games, activities, scavenger hunts, and more! Teen Party Ideas



Mall Scavenger Hunts
Mall Scavenger Hunts-  There are 8 fun Mall Scavenger Hunts to choose from!  Great party idea that 14 year olds love!   All of the Mall Scavenger hunts include a FREE printable list of items to find (if needed).  

The Freebie Shopping Spree has a huge item list of 40 items that can be found and collected free at any mall. 


Mall Scavenger Hunts include:
Freebie Shopping Spree
a 2 z
One Color
Super Shopper
Salesperson Scramble
Ultimate Mall Hunt
Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 


The BEST Minute to Win It Party Games!
35 of the greatest Minute to Win It Party Games. Easy to play and all use inexpensive items you have around the house.   Perfect for 14 year old parties!   Great with large or small group parties of boys and girls.   Minute to Win It Games



Would You Rather Game
200 of the best Would You Rather Game questions! 

Free questions to print out.  The game players are given 2 choices to choose from and they have to decide which one they would rather do!  Lots of fun for small or large parties.  Two ways to play. Would You Rather Game


Backyard and Outdoor Group Party Games
Backyard, Park and Outdoor Party Games
All the favorite outdoor / backyard games including:

Water Balloon Games (over 50!)
Pool Noodle Games (no pool required!)
Beach Ball Games
Squirt Gun and hula hoops plus many more!



Fun Ideas for 14 year olds

Sleepover and Slumber Party Ideas
If the 14th birthday party includes a sleepover check out our Sleepover and Slumber Party guide!

Full of great ideas for sleepover theme invitations, games, crafts, activities and lots of fun ideas!



Truth or Dare
There are 50 fun Truth Questions and 50 fun Dares!   Free to print out and use at you next party.   Rules, set up, instructions are included on the Truth or Dare page.
Clean, rated G for all ages.


Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker Games
are great for the start of the
party to have a chance for the teens to get to know each other and "break the ice" before the party begins.   Quick, easy games that get the guests talking and interacting with each other.



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Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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