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Survivor birthday party theme ideas for kids, tweens and teen parties

The ultimate birthday party theme ... Survivor! 

You won't get voted off the island with these great Survivor birthday party ideas for kids.  

Great ideas for Survivor style games, competitions, challenges,  activities, decorations, birthday party invitations, party food, favors and more. 

Instructions for a quick and easy way to make banners for the tribes too! No sewing required!   

survivor logo for survivor theme birthday party invitations, decorations, goody bags
survivor party logo example for birthday parties

Survivor Party Games and Challenges


Survivor Tribe Banners
Make tribe banners for each team you will have competing in the Survivor games.  These banners can be used to signal when a team is done with a relay and also to promote team pride. 

survivor themed party team banners - no sew easy to make

do it yourself survivor party theme cloth banners for teams - easy and no sew
I wanted the flags to be able to be carried around and also stand against a wall when not in use (these could also be put into the ground if your games will be outside) so I chose pvc pipe which turned out to be a cheep (less then $1.00 for each banner) and easy solution. 

For each banner you will need 1" PVC pipe in a 18" length and a 48" length (or longer depending on how long you want the poles ) and a PVC "t-connector" in 1" x 1 1/2".  

Take the "t-connector" and place on the backside of the banner in the middle (I took out the stitching that I had sewed earlier across the top of the banner in ONLY a small section of the middle to accommodate the "t-connector".  Slip the "t-connector" into the pocket of the banner so that the larger 1 1/2" part is under the fabric and the smaller 1" side is facing out.  

Put the 18" piece of PVC pipe through the pocket of the banner and through the "t-connector".  Since the PVC pipe connector is larger then the 1" PVC pipe I hot glued the two together through the 1" hole in the connector.   (You have to use the larger connector or the 1" PVC pipe won't slide through).   I hot glued the edges of the banner pocket to the 18" PVC pipe inside to secure the ends.  Then attach the longer 48" piece of PVC pipe to the connector and you're done!


Survivor Party Invitation Ideas

Use the Survivor logo above for the party invitations.  Print out the logo on the front of blank cards with party information on the inside.

Or print out the party information and the Survivor logo on a 8 x 10" piece of brown paper and roll up like a scroll.  Tie with raffia or twine, add a few wooden beads and a tag that says "Tree Mail". 

Send out colorful bandanas for buffs inside the invitation and ask the guest to wear that color to the party.


Survivor Party Decoration Ideas
The Survivor theme can be easily decorated with items similar to a Hawaiian or Luau party.  Some great things to look for are:

Crafts and Activities for a Survivor Party
Beach Flip Flops

Let everyone decorate their own flip flops in their tribe or favorite colors -
see our instructions for our
Funky Flip Flop Craft

Party Food Ideas
Serve snacks in large plastic shell bowls - some fun ideas are goldfish crackers, pretzel fish crackers or oyster crackers. 
Fruit kabobs - cut up slices of fruit and place on bamboo skewers - if you coat the fruit with a little pineapple juice it won't turn brown. 
Cheese and Shells macaroni

survivor party theme candy buffet

Set up a Survivor candy buffet with these fun items:

Gummy sharks
Salt Water Taffy
Orange slices (shells)
Gummy worms
Large Jawbreakers
Pixie sticks (sand)
Fruit flavored gum and sour candies
Sour Patch Kids (tiki men!)

Survivor Theme Party Favors

Packs of Sour Patch Kids
Flip flops
Salt Water Taffy
Pixie sticks
Small tiki torch

survivor birthday party theme goody bags

Goody Bags
Plastic tiki glasses
Chinese food containers with the Survivor logo on the side

Wrap goodies up in a bandana

Place party favors in a brown paper bag, fold over and punch two holes at the top.  Thread twine through the holes and attach a Survivor tag with a thank you note. 

You can also cut the flap into thin strips to look like a grass skirt or tiki hut.

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