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Valentine's Day Minute To Win It Games



Valentine's Day Minute to Win It Games

15 of the Best Valentine's themed Minute to Win It Games


These games are great for classroom parties, birthday parties, Valentines Day parties, sleepovers and even family gatherings! All the games are easy to play and use common household items that are inexpensive and easy to find.





All the games are set up to be played in one minute.   Points are given for first, second and third place and also to the players who finish the game.  (See scoring below)

The items needed to play the game are listed in italics underneath the games title.

Play the games where all players compete together one game at a time or set up a different station for each game and divide the players into teams.   Start the 1 minute timer for all the players at the same time.  For stations the teams rotate through all the stations.  Keep score on individual score cards or on a large white board so everyone can keep track of all the players progress. 


Scoring:   1st place = 4 points, 2nd place = 3 points, 3rd place = 2 points and 1 point to players who don't place 1, 2, or 3 but complete the challenge. 


Valentines Day Minute To Win It Games

1.  Block Head Stack Game
5 red wooden blocks and 1 paper plate
Players place a paper plate on their head and then try to stack five blocks, one at a time, on top of their paper plate.  Players can not touch the paper plate during the game.




2.  Cereal Bead Bracelets
Red or pink pipe cleaner and frosted Cheerios cereal (or froot loops)
Each player takes one pipe cleaner and using one hand tries to thread as many pieces of cereal onto the pipe cleaner as they can in one minute.   Players can only use one hand!


3.  Cookie Valentine Monster
Large round Valentines Day cookie
The goal is to move the Valentine's Day cookie from the players forehead into their mouth within the one minute time limit.  Players can not use their hands during the game!




4.  Doily Target
Paper doily (heart shape or circles), conversation hearts
Place a doily 5 feet from the player and tape it down to the table or floor.  Use masking tape to make a line that all the players have to stand behind.   On "go" the players toss Valentines Day conversation candy hearts onto their doily.  At the end of one minute the hearts are counted and the players with the most hearts on or touching the doily wins.


5.  Heart Snack Cake Stack

Heart shaped snack cakes
The player that can stack the most heart shaped snack cakes on their forehead (one on top of the other) wins!  Players can not use their hands to balance the snack cakes.   If a players stack falls they can start over if there is still time left on the clock. 




6.  Heart to Heart
Conversation hearts, plastic bowls, chopsticks
Place a pile of conversation hearts in the middle of the table.  Players use the chopsticks to pick up a heart from the pile and place it in their bowl.  Only chopsticks can be used to touch the hearts.   The player with the most hearts in their bowl at the end of the round wins!





7.  Love Sucks
Dried beans, straws, bowl for each player
Set a pile of dried white beans in the center of the table.  Each player takes a straw and sucks up a bean in the pile with their straw and then places it in their bowl.  The one with the most beans in their bowl at the end of the game wins! 
Dried beans




8.  Noodle Skewer
Uncooked penne pasta, uncooked spaghetti noodle
Place the uncooked penne pasta in the center of the table.   Using one uncooked spaghetti noodle the players try to pick up as many pieces of penne pasta as they can.  Players must hold the spaghetti noodle in their mouth and can not use their hands during the game.   Hard game, but lots of fun!




9.  Ping Pong Dance
Empty tissue box with a belt or rope inserted through it so that it can be secured around the players waist and ping pong balls.
Players attach their tissue box to their waist and place it on their back with the opening to the box facing out.   Fill each tissue box with 5 ping pong balls (or large jingle bells).  On "go" players try to get the ping pong balls out of their box by dancing and jumping around.  Players can not use their hands during the game.




10. Pyramid Cup Stack
28 red solo style cups per player (or small paper Dixie cups)
Starting with a stack of 28 cups each player must stack the cups to make a pyramid and then unstack the cups into a single stack within the time limit.  




11. Rubber Band Shoot
Rubber bands, six red plastic solo style cups
Stack each players cups into a pyramid.  Make a line with masking tape on the floor or have players stand behind a table about 10 feet away from their pyramid.   Players shoot the rubber bands at their pyramid and the first one to knock it over wins! 




12. Stacking Hearts
Conversation hearts
A bowl of conversation hearts is placed in front of all the players.  Players try to make a tower by stacking the hearts on top of each other.  The tallest tower at the end of 1 minute wins!




13. Stacking of the Dice
6 dice and 1 wooden craft stick
Players place the wooden craft stick in their mouth and on "go" one at a time stack the dice onto the stick one on top of the other.   If there is a tie or if many players complete the task then the winner is the one who can keep their dice stacked the longest.




14. That ’s a Wrap
Give each player a set of oven gloves. Have them try to unwrap candy (such as Hershey Kisses or Starbursts) while wearing the gloves. The player with the most candy unwrapped after a minute wins!
Oven mitts
Wrapped candy




15. Valentine Wrap
Broom handle, roll of toilet paper for each player

Put a roll of toilet paper onto a broom handle (or several rolls if there are multiple people playing at one time) and have 2 non players hold the broom handle about 3 feet off the ground.  Players will grab the end of their toilet paper roll and then spin in a circle wrapping themselves up in the paper while they turn.  The player who can unwrap their whole roll of toilet paper in under one minute wins.




Bonus! 16. Unwrap the Kiss
Hershey's wrapped chocolate kisses
Players try and unwrap as many kisses as they can using only one hand! 




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