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Police Birthday Theme


Fun ideas for a Police Themed Birthday Party. 
Mix and match these ideas to create your own special party. 

Police party supplies from Amazon

Policeman Birthday Theme colors: blue, red (for the siren), silver ... and / or black depending on the color of your police departments cars. 

Police Birthday Invitations
Blue cards with a police badge on the front (use plain blue cards or postcards and glue a copy of a police badge to the front).

Police Party Decorations
White table cloth with blue plates /napkins and silver utensils. Use red plastic cups and set them face down on the plates to look like sirens.


Blue and silver helium balloons on the backs of chairs and also on the mailbox to show where the party is located.

Place yellow police tape on the walkway to the party entrance.  



Fun Ideas
Check with your local police department and see if they will do a tour for your group of the police station, or if a police officer would stop by the party in a patrol car or motorcycle and let the children look inside and test the siren. Some police stations have stickers and coloring sheets to hand out also.  




Police Party Games


Rook the Crook Scavenger Hunt
Make clues so that will lead the guests all over the house and both the front and back yards.


Make one clue lead to the other clues. If you want to make the scavenger hunt last longer - and be more fun - make the kids do small tasks or challenges before they can get the next clue at each stop.


Fun or silly ideas are best …. Make a block tower taller then the tallest person in the group, count off from 1 to 50 - if the group messes up you have to go back and start with 1,


Name 3 TV shows with policeman in them, run a relay race, etc. Tell the party guests that the Rook the Crook has stolen all the birthday candy and hidden it away. It is their responsibility to find Rook the Crook, recover the stolen candy and bring him to justice. At the end of the scavenger hunt have a piñata hidden that they can then string up and recover the candy. * Let the guests decorate lunch sacks with police stickers to hold their candy before the pinata is broken - this could be one of the tasks in the scavenger hunt.


To punish Rook the Crook let a parent (or friend) play the part of Rook and have the kids place him in jail. Make a jail out of a large appliance box and cut a hole just big enough for Rook to put his face through (the rest of the front of the jail should be solid so only his face shows). Set up sponges about 10 feet away and have the victorious police throw wet sponges at Rook’s face when he peeks his head out of his cell. (Kids love this!)


Robbers and Cops
Kids will be on teams - either the cops team or the robbers team. A jail is set up (use a patio, several chairs in a square, etc. to make the jail) on one part of the area the kids will be playing in and a bank on the other. Inside the bank have a bucket with 10+ water balloons. In a separate area you will also need a robbers den or hide out. (No cops can enter the hide out.)

The cops objective is to watch over the balloons and protect them as if they were gold. The robbers objective is to steal the "gold" (or water balloons) from the bank. The robbers steal the balloons and take them to the hideout, but can't break them. They can't get tagged by a policeman while they are trying to steal the "gold". If a robber is tagged by a policeman then the policeman takes them inside the jail.

Robbers can get out of jail if a robber on their team tags them out of jail. When the balloons have been stolen (or broken) count how many the robbers collected in their hide out. Then switch the teams around so the robbers can be the cops. See which team can collect the most balloons.





Red Light, Green Light
Play the Red light, green light game and give everyone a chance to be the policeman. Police Birthday Activities
Research your cities police badges and make similar ones out of cardboard. Let the guests decorate and then wear them with double stick tape.

Party games for ages 7, 8 and 9 years old

Party Games for 5 and 6 year olds

Birthday games for ages  10, 11, 12

Party Food
Doughnuts Hero sandwiches Rice Krispie treats cut into star or badge shapes using cookie cutters Grill out hamburgers or hotdogs Fruit tray or veggie tray Blue kool-aid or other blue drink.
Party Favors
Hot wheels police cars

Small sets of police equipment - badges, handcuffs, hats

Plastic police cars

Walkie Talkie’s

Water guns

Goody Bags
Police hat

Blue paper bags decorated with sirens and police stickers.

Blue bags tied with red ribbon. 


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Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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