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Polka Dot Birthday Theme


polka dot party hat




Polka Dot Birthday Party Ideas.  Polka dots are fun and festive and are a great way to make a birthday party come alive! 


Polka Dot Party Invitation Ideas


Buy solid color invitations and decorate them with round stickers.


Cut circles from homemade or store bought invitations.  


Wrap birthday party invitations up in polka dotted fabric or bandana and tie with a polka dot ribbon.


Punch out confetti and place in the birthday invitations.


Write the party information starting in the middle of the card and then going around and around in a circle toward the outer edge.






Polka Dot Decorations

Solid color bright tablecloths - let the plates and cups be the circles. Sprinkle round shaped confetti over the party tables.


Twister - the perfect polka dot party game!

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Polka Dot Party Food
Sandwiches, cheese and/ or fruit cut with circular cookie cutters


Round colorful candies like M&M's, cherry sours, etc. in round bowls or on a candy buffet



Party Favors
Bottles of Bubbles, balls, large lollipops


Goody Bags
Place circle stickers on plain colored sacks.

Wrap up goodies in a polka dotted bandana and tie with ribbon.

Any type of cute container in the shape of a circle or ball.

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Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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