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Minion Birthday Party Ideas

Party Decorations

Turn yellow party cups into minion cups! Glue googly eyes onto the cups, then use a black marker to draw on hair and a mouth.

Attach eyes and a mouth made from black paper onto yellow Chinese lanterns. Hang these around the party.

Use all yellow plastic utensils on a blue plastic tablecloth, or all blue plastic utensils on a yellow plastic tablecloth.

Dress up as characters in the movie. A pink dress and tights makes an easy Scarlett, and blue overalls with a yellow t-shirt transforms people into minions!

Hang blue and yellow streamers from the ceiling and twist all the way to the floor. Put alternating blue and yellow balloons at the top of the streamers. If you do this in front of a wall, it makes a nice backdrop for a food or gift table!

For an interesting backdrop, cut out pictures of minions and paste them onto paper plates. Arrange the paper plates behind the food or gift table. You can arrange these to make a certain shape, such as the age of your child, or just do a 5 by 5 square.

Minion Party Invitations

Make minions out of blue and yellow construction paper. Put the party information on the back of the minion.

Make an invitation to the villain conference the minions attend in the movie. Include all the information for the party on the invitation.

Make Minion movie tickets for the guests with all the party information posted on them.


Minion Party Games

Steal the Crown

Break everyone into two teams, and give each team a toy crown. Have the teams hide the toy crowns somewhere secret, then try to find the other team’s crown. To make this game harder for older children, incorporate freeze tag into the game by having team members tag other members of the team. The tagged player is then frozen until a member from their team untags them.

Minion Egg Toss

Decorate eggs to look like minions using blue and yellow paint. Use a black marker to draw on eyes and a mouth. Pair the guests into groups of two and give each pair an egg. Have the guests stand five steps away from their partner and toss their minion egg to their partner. If the partner catches the egg, have each partner take one step back and toss the egg again. The last team to drop their egg wins!

Minion Search
Combine blue and yellow plastic Easter eggs so that they look like minions. Use googly eyes and a black marker to give the minions eyes, mouth, and hair. Hide these minions around the party for the guests to find.

Party Activities

Minion Bingo

Find 24 pictures of minions on the internet and arrange them on a word processing document in a Bingo layout. Make a new card for each guest, with the arrangement of the pictures different on each one. Distribute one card to each guest with plenty of blue and yellow M&Ms to mark off spaces. Call out minion pictures and have guests mark off which ones they have on their board. The first one to hit Bingo wins!

Minion Bowling

Spray paint ten empty soda bottles blue and yellow to look like minions. Arrange the bottles in a bowling pin pattern and provide the guests with a small ball. Give each guest two tries to knock down as many pins as they can.

Create a coloring station where party guests can color and/or create minion artwork.

Party Food

Combine Chex cereal, pretzels, and blue and yellow M&Ms to make a Minion snack mix.

Make a minion sheet cake using a boxed cake mix, yellow and blue frosting, and any other decorations you would like. You can also use an Oreo half with a chocolate chip or brown M&M stuck in the filling for an eye. Use thin black or brown icing to outline minion features such as clothing, mouth, or hair.

Serve frozen chocolate covered bananas that have been rolled in sprinkles, crushed graham crackers, or anything else you can think of.

Decorate cookies and twinkies to look like minions.

Party Favors

Give out fun little favors, such as minion bandaids, pencils, and mini candy bars like butterfingers and crunch.

Attach minion eyes made from black construction paper onto yellow plastic construction hats. The guests can either wear these all party or get them at the end of the party.

Provide the guests with a blue and yellow candy bar to choose candy to take home.

Goody Bags

Give yellow and blue bags to guests for their party favors.

Cover empty toilet paper rolls with yellow and blue paper to make minions. Fill the rolls with candy or other little favors that will fit.

Attach cards that say ‘thanks a minion’ to blue or yellow bags.

Fun Idea for a Minion Party

If you have a projector you can set up, you can show the Minion movie in the background or make it one of the main activities.

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