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Giraffe Party Ideas


Giraffe theme birthday party ideas


A giraffe is everyone's favorite animal and having a giraffe birthday party theme will make the party even more special!  


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We've collected the best giraffe themed party ideas from our readers and placed them all on one page so it's easy to pick and choose which ideas will work best for your party. 

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Giraffe Party Invitation Ideas
Make tall skinny giraffe invitations (5" x 2") from yellow or off white cardstock and draw on brown giraffe spots. 

Buy giraffe print note cards and write party information on the inside.  Make your own cards by attaching giraffe printed scrapbook paper to the front of blank invitations.





Giraffe Party Decoration Ideas

Tie a bunch of yellow and brown (or whatever color combination you choose your giraffe to be for the party) and tie them on tall strings to the mailbox or outside the party area so that guests will know where the party is located.  Make tall signs and place them outside the party area to direct guests inside.  Draw giraffe print on the sidewalk with brown and yellow sidewalk chalk. 


Decorate in browns, yellows or oranges ... or use a colorful giraffe print and take the colors from it to decorate the party.  An easy and inexpensive way to decorate a birthday party room is to use yards of tulle in your party colors.   Drape long pieces of the tulle from the middle of the ceiling of the party room outwards towards the corners, attach with command hooks (they remove easily) and then let the ends drape to the floor. 


Buy different sizes of white or clear tall containers and fill them with tall candies like nerds ropes, twizzlers, tubes of gum, etc.  Tie a bow made of giraffe print ribbon around the containers.


You could also decorate the party area to look like a safari.  Decorate the tables with browns and greens and place lots of potted plants in the center.  At each place setting set out a pair of binoculars and a safari hat. Safari party ideas


Make cone shaped hats out of giraffe printed scrapbook paper, place a black pompom on the top and staple two pieces of ribbon at each side so that the party guests can tie the party hat in place. 



Giraffe Party Crafts

Giraffe Print Party Hats
Let each guest make their own giraffe print hat from giraffe printed scrapbook paper.  Remember to make them as tall as possible!


See our party crafts page for more fun party crafts.  Use giraffe themed fabrics and paint colors to tie it into your giraffe theme. 



Giraffe Party Games

High Relay Races
Celebrate the giraffes height with these fun relay race games!  Divide the guests into teams and have them in up one behind the other.  For each team set up a "turn around point" marked by an orange cone (or similar object ... even a chair will do) that the players will have to run around and then back to their team.  One by one the players complete their relay and run back to their team and the next player in line takes a turn. 


The winning team is the one with all of their players to complete the relay.  Here are a few of our favorite relay races:

- Carry an egg on a paper plate above your head
- Walk on stilts
- Balance an egg on a spoon above your head
- Complete the relay in high heels

Highest Tower
Give teams each a set of building blocks ( the more the better) and one by one they must build the highest tower.  Set up a certain spot for each team to build their towers that has a flat surface.  One by one the players must take a block and start to build a tower.  Each player will build upon the last players block.  You can either have them build until one team reaches a certain height (5 feet) or give them a time limit and see how high they can build the tower in 15 minutes.  If the blocks fall the team has to start over so encourage them to build a strong base. 



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We have hundreds of more party games on our game page! 



Giraffe Party Favor Ideas

Long packaged candies such as nerd ropes, tubes of bubble gum or twizzlers
Long crazy straws
Safari themed items such as binoculars or compasses
Stuffed giraffe animals
Giraffe printed items such as pens, pencils, notebooks or toys



Goody Bag Ideas
Giraffe print paper bags tied with brown raffia
Tie up favors in giraffe printed bandanas or squares of material and tie with ribbon
Tie up favors in netting and place in a safari hat

We are always looking for more ideas to add to the giraffe theme party.  Share your ideas


giraffe with an orange polka dot party hat








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