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Backwards Birthday Party Theme

Backwards party ideas

Fun ideas for a crazy backwards birthday party!


In the Backwards birthday party theme everything is done backwards.  Games are played backwards, food is eaten backward and so on. 


This is a really fun and silly party that kids really enjoy. 



Backwards Party Invitations

Instead of sending out invitations for the Backwards birthday party send out Thank you notes.  Thank guests for coming to your Backwards party on the note.  Be sure and give the dates and time of your party. 

Write the information backwards or type it on the computer and then using Word Art (flip horizontally) print party information onto the cards.  Add in the invitation for guests to read the information in a mirror. 

Ask party guests in the invitation to come dressed in their craziest backwards clothes to the party.


Print out a picture of the birthday child upside down on a note card.


If your invitation has spaces inside to fill out information flip the invitation over and write in the information so the writing looks like you wrote upside down. 


Backwards Party Decorations

Backwards the party table by having balloons setting on the table and curling ribbon tied to the balloons and attached with tape to the ceiling. 

Set up the plates and cups (upside down) underneath the party table and let kids eat under the table when it's time for cake.

Set out signs for the food with the names written backwards.   Refer to the food by the backwards names throughout the party.  Cake = ekac, Ice Cream = maerc eci, Hot Dogs = sgod toh ...etc. 

Hang birthday banners upside down on the front door and throughout the party room.

Turn pictures, decorations and knick knacks upside down for the party. 

If sitting at a table turn the chairs to face outward. 

Backwards Party Icebreaker

While guests are arriving give each one a nametag and ask them to write their name backward on the tag.  This will be their name for the rest of the party. 

Backward Party Activities

Decorate shirts with fabric paint and stencils - let the children paint their names backwards on the shirt.  Line the guests up and take a picture of them in the shirts (this is also fun if you decide not to do decorate the shirts) but have them face away from the camera. 

Backwards piñata - Give each party guest a balloon or paper bag stuffed with paper and taped closed and let them glue or tape candy and prizes onto the outside of it.  Let them take it home as a party favor.

Backward Party Games

Backward relay races
Divide party guests into two teams and have them run these fun backward races relay style around a cone (or other object) and back to their team for the next player to go:
Walking  backwards
Skipping backwards
Carrying an egg on a spoon - walking backwards
Bouncing a ball - walking backwards
Moving 3 ping pong balls or balloons around the course with a broom

Treasure Hunt
See instructions on  how to set up a treasure hunt and then write all the clues backwards so the guests will have to find a mirror to decode the clues.

Backwards Tag
Played like traditional tag, but reversed.   After "it" is chosen everyone else counts to 10 while "it" runs away.  Then all players try and tag "it".   When someone tags "it" then they become "it" and everyone then tries to tag them. 


Backwards Musical Chairs
Played like traditional musical chairs except instead of a guest having to sit out after every round remove a chair instead.  The kids will have to start sharing seats.   By the end they will all have to be sitting on one chair.



Backwards water balloon toss
Divide party guests into teams of 2.  Give each team a water balloon and ask them to stand 1 foot apart facing away from each other.  They then have to throw the balloon up and have their team member catch it.  After every successful round have the teams take a step apart from each other.  Make sure to have extra water balloons on hand. 


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Backwards party food


Bundt cake with the filling (frosting) inside the cake
Write Happy Birthday backwards on top of the cake
Pineapple upside down cake
Hot dogs with the cheese inside
Ice Cream cones with the cake mix baked inside - then turn them upside down on a plate. 
Ask everyone to eat with their left hand (or if they are left handed eat with their right hand).
Sing Happy Birthday backwards




Backwards goody / loot bags
Decorate a paper bag with stickers and then turn it inside out. 
Send home an invitation as a thank you card.


Fun Backwards ideas:
Greet guests by saying "good-bye, hope you had a nice time" when they arrive.  When they leave tell them "Hello!, Welcome to the party!".


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