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Birthday Party Ideas

2nd birthday party ideas, games, themes, timeline for two year old parties
Fun ideas to celebrate the 2nd birthday!

We've collected our favorite ideas for second birthdays and listed them for you to mix and match what will fit with your child, budget and party size.  

You'll find:
Party tips
Birthday ideas
Party games
Party activities
Birthday themes
Party food ideas
and other birthday party ideas to make the number 2 birthday easy and fun for all the guests!

Party Tips and Party Planning advice for 2nd birthdays

Schedule the party around your child's nap time or when they will be in the best mood during the day.   Morning parties are becoming popular where you can serve breakfast style foods.   If you schedule the party for the afternoon (2 - 3:30 p.m.) then you wont have to serve a meal - just keep it simple with a table of snack foods.

Duration - Parties can be overwhelming for two year olds so a good length of time for the birthday party is between 1 and 2 hours.   After that amount of time the child will want to play with their new toys (and you will probably need a nap!)

Planning the party - While you are planning the party write down several things that guests or family can help you with during the party.   Then if someone asks how they can help you will have an answer and not have to think about what you need done.  

 Some big helps during the party will be:


one or two adults to take pictures during the party. 

Cake cutter

someone to cut and serve the cake after the pictures have been taken.

Ice Cream
someone to dip ice cream into dishes while the cake is being cut.

Game director
one or two adults that can lead the games you have planned.

Art director

one or two adults that can supervise any activity or art tables you have planned.

Gift recorder

someone to write down the names of the gift givers for thank you cards.

Melt Down Supervisor

someone to deal with any cranky children or melt downs during the party.  This person can gently take them out of the party area and calm them down until they can return to the party.   Most parents will do this for their own child at the party .... but be prepared if a parent doesn't take on this responsibility for their child. 

Party Timeline

Change this party time line to suit your schedule.  
This is based on a party from 2 - 3:30 p.m.

2:00 - Guests start to arrive.  Have an activity table set up with some coloring pages for the kids to color while they wait for everyone to arrive.

2:15 - Game time.   Have 3 or 4 games ready to play (see list below) and have a few adults walk the kids through the rules and demonstrate.   Always have a few extra games prepared then you think you will need just in case the children get bored with a game and you need to fill time. 

2:40 - Activity time.   Let the children play with blocks, draw, play with play dough, etc.  You could also make decorating a cupcake or cookie an activity.

3:00 - Presents - Let the birthday child open their presents.   You can pass around a small toy to each child during this time so everyone has something to play with (and they can take it home as a party favor after the party).

3:10 - Cake and ice cream.

3:30 Give guests a goody bag filled with party favors and thank them for coming!

Add 30 minutes to the party if you will be serving brunch, lunch or dinner.   With an afternoon party you can set out snacks that the kids can get a snack from when they are hungry or need a little break from a game or activity.  

Party Games for 2 year olds

Freeze or Statue Dancing
 Play some fast music and have everyone dance.   Then when they hear the music stop they must freeze.  Then when you start the music again they can start dancing.  Variation:  Make a CD of different types of music (about 20 seconds for each type) and let the kids change how they dance to the different styles of music.   Have an adult dance with them so they can grasp the concept of changing with the music. 

Treasure Hunt

The children will search the party room, park or backyard for items you've hidden before the party.   Have a small sack or paper bag with handles that the guests can use to collect their treasures.   You can use an item to hide that goes with the theme of your party or wooden blocks, plastic eggs, etc.  

Hide the items before the party begins and then during game time show the kids an example of what you have hidden.   Let adults help the children as they search for the "treasure".   Lots of fun for 2 year olds and older guests too.

Duck Pond
Fill a small plastic kiddie pool with water or if inside you can use beans or foam peanuts) and let party guests choose a duck to win a prize.  Before the party buy small prizes and assign them a number.   Write the numbers on the bottom of plastic ducks (one on each duck) that correspond with the prize numbers.   Children choose a duck and get the prize that matches the number on the bottom.   Buy several toys so children can play 3 or 4 rounds.  

Party games for 2, 3 and 4 year olds - we also have a page full of party games for ages 2, 3 and 4 to give you more ideas to choose from for your party. 
 Party games ages 2, 3 and 4

Party Activities for 2 year olds

Activity Tables
Set up several Activity tables or spaces that the kids can play with play dough, coloring pages or blocks.   Great idea for the beginning of the party when you are waiting for everyone to arrive.  Cover the tables with newspaper or butcher paper for easy cleanup.  You can also cover them with black butcher paper let them draw with sidewalk chalk. 

Sidewalk Chalk

Set out several buckets of sidewalk chalk and let the party guests draw whatever they want.  Or give them some direction using our Sidewalk chalk guide with over 30 things to do with sidewalk chalk. 

Let the kids try to blow bubbles or have an adult blow bubbles for them to try and pop and run through.   See our easy homemade recipes for bubble solution and our guide to bubble games for more fun ideas! 

Splash Tables
For summer and outdoor parties set up splash tables that the 2 year olds can play in.  Kiddie pools work well.   Add something different to each pool - plastic cups, rubber ducks, balls, sponges, boats, etc. 

Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes
Give each guest a frosted cupcake or cookie and a small bowl filled with an assortment of decorations like colored sugar, chocolate chips, small marshmallows, etc. and let them decorate it.   You can wait for them to eat their cupcake while everyone is having cake or wrap them up and let them take them home with them as a party favor.

Fun Ideas for a 2 year olds party

For the two year old party let your decorations be paired in twos.   Place 2 helium balloons together and tie the sets around the room.    Use wooden blocks to spell out "second birthday" on the mantle or party food table. 

Set up a table with different colored permanent markers and an 8 x 10 picture matte.   Ask adult guests to write a birthday wish and sign their name.   Parents can help the smaller children write their names or make a mark on the picture matte.  After the party use the matte to frame an 8 x 10 birthday photo. 

Birthday Party Themes for a 2 year old

Art Birthday Party Theme

Big Bird Party Ideas

Bumblebee Party

CandyLand Birthday Theme

Cat in the Hat Party

Curious George Party

Elmo Birthday Party

Frog Party Ideas

Noah's Ark Birthday Ideas

Sesame Street Birthday Ideas

All of our theme pages are filled with free ideas for theme party games, activities, decorations, invitations, party favors, goody bags, party food and much more!   We have over 200  birthday party themes to choose from - all filled with great ideas for your next party. 

Party Food ideas for the 2nd birthday
Cut out shapes (with a cookie cutter in the shape of something from your birthday theme) from bread, cheese, sandwich meats, hamburger patties, cookies, brownies, etc.  
You can also make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on bread cut into shapes.

Snack foods such as goldfish crackers, animal crackers or pretzels.

Cut fruits and veggies into small pieces and serve with a fruit and yogurt dip.

Individual ice cream cups, cotton candy, cookies.

Macaroni and cheese in individual cups.

Juice boxes or put drinks into sippy cups with the 2 year olds name on it (then they can
take it home as a party favor after the party. 

Party Favor Ideas for 2 year olds
Bottles of bubbles
Individual packages of goldfish crackers
Sippy cup
Small stuffed animal
Coloring book and crayons
ABC board book

If you have some advice or a lesson you learned that would help other parents when they are planning a 2nd birthday party please email us!  We would love to share your advice
and tips!



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