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Pokemon Go Party Ideas


Pokemon Go Party Ideas


Pokemon Go Birthday Party Ideas!

Fun ideas for Pokemon Go invitations, decorations, party games, activities, party food and more!

Pokemon party supplies from Amazon

FREE Pokeball invitation template to print out and make your own invitations.

Step by step tutorial on how to make Pokeballs from ping pong balls to use in the games and decorating ... and also as a great party favor for the guests to take home after the party.




Pokemon Go Invitations

Make these fun Pokeball invitations using our FREE printable template! 


Pokemon Go DIY invitations


The red ball comes out and the party information is on the back. 

We used the free font "Pocket Monk". 


Print out the pieces, trace onto cardstock and glue.   (We wanted shiny invitations so these were made from extra party plates in red, white and black from the Dollar Store.)


Pokeball Invitation Template


Pokemon Go Party Games


Pokemon Go Gym War Game
This is a fun and fast paced game that is great for a Pokemon Go party!
3 Hula Hoops, Pokeballs or bean bags (1 for each player), Large space

Set the 3 Hula Hoops on the ground in a triangle pattern at least 25 feet apart from each other.  These will be the teams stations. 

Divide players into 3 equal teams.  

Assign each team a hula hoop station.  Place one pokeball or bean bag inside the hula hoops for each player.  


The object of the game is to have as many pokeballs inside their teams hula hoop at the end of the time limit.  

On "go" players will run to another teams hula hoop, take a pokeball and then run back to their hula hoop and place it inside.   Then they run to gather another pokeball for their team. 

Players cannot block or guard their homebase.  

Players can only carry 1 pokeball at a time. 

Play continues until the time is up (try a 1 minute practice run so everyone can understand the rules and then play 2 or 3 round that are 5 to 10 minutes long). 

The team with the most bean bags in their station at the end of the timer wins!     

See below for a picture of the Pokeballs we made. 
Free How to Make Pokeballs tutorial



Target Practice
Hula Hoops, baskets or boxes for targets, pokeballs or bean bags

Set up the targets and assign a point value to each one.  The harder to hit targets get a higher point value. 

Players throw 3 pokeballs through (or into) targets.  Add up scores and the player with the highest points after 4 rounds wins a prize.

Candy Pokeball Game
Fast paced game that kids of all ages love!  
Candy, small prizes, plastic wrap and dice

Before the party make a large ball filled with layers of prizes and candy by wrapping plastic wrap around a small ball. 

In each layer of plastic wrap place a wrapped candy or small prize.  Continue wrapping and adding prizes until you have a large ball about 1 foot in diameter.  

Players sit in a circle.  The first player takes the Candy Prize Pokeball and tries to unwrap the layers as fast as possible.  They get to keep any candy or prizes that they unwrap during their turn. 

Before the game starts give 2 dice to the player to the LEFT of the player with the pokeball.  

While the first player is unwrapping the ball the player to his left is rolling 2 dice trying to roll doubles as fast as they can roll.   When the 2nd player rolls doubles the ball is passed to them and they hand the dice to the person on their left. Continue until all the prizes and candy have been found. 






Pokemon Go Party Activities


Pokemon Go Pokeball Hunt


This is a fun game for kids of all ages!  
Plastic eggs or fillable containers, Small Pokemon characters and/or candy.


Pokemon Go Fillable Pokeballs

Make your own fillable pokeballs very inexpensively by buying 50 red plastic eggs and 50 white plastic eggs and interchange the tops and bottoms of the eggs so each has a red and white side.
With 50 white and 50 red eggs you can make 100 egg shaped (red bottom with white top) or 50 more round shaped (red bottom with white bottom). 

Fill with candy or a small Pokemon figure and seal with black artists tape or black electrical tape.   We made 100 eggs (check Amazon where we purchased ours) for about $12.00. 

Hide the Pokeballs around the party area before the party.  When it's time for the game have players hunt to find all the Pokeballs.  

Tip: If you want players to find the same amount of eggs divide the number of eggs by players and tell them to search for "X" amount of eggs.  When they have found all their eggs they can help other players search. 

Or divide the eggs into groups (one group per player) and write a number on each egg in the group.  Group 1 would all have a small #1 on the bottom of the egg, group 2 would have a #2 etc.   Mix up the eggs and hide them.  Assign each player a number and have them search only for their eggs.  First one to find all their eggs could win an extra prize.   



Play with Pokeballs instead of fillable containers.   Make some fun Pokeballs from ping pong balls (see our free tutorial for Pokeballs) and write a small number on the bottom of each ball.

Assign a number to the prizes that correspond with the numbers on the bottom of the balls.  After players find all the Pokeballs are found let the players trade in their pokeballs for prizes.



How to make Pokeballs for a Pokemon Go party



Pokemon Go Party Decoration Ideas

Cover party tables with 1/2 red and 1/2 white plastic table cloths.  Run a strip of black duct tape down the center. 





Pokemon Go Flag - How to make



Make these fun Pokemon Go flags!

These flags are easy and inexpensive to make.  They are made from plastic tablecloths, black duct tape and pvc pipe.  Each one cost under $2.00!

Tutorial coming soon!

We made 8 of these flags that lined the fence leading to the Pokemon Go party.







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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