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How to Make Pokemon Go Pokeballs

Pokemon is a fun game for kids of all ages.  We've come up with an easy and inexpensive way to create Pokemon Pokeballs.  See the tutorial below with pictures and instructions for each step. Use these Pokemon pokeball directions to make pokeballs for decorations or a fun treasure hunt at a birthday party.

These are easy to make and inexpensive.  We found a package of 144 ping pong balls on for a great price. 

String together to make a fun Pokemon banner or use in games like this Pokemon Go birthday party game.  They also make great party favors to send home with party guests!  Use them as place cards on the party table, to hold signs on the food table or decorate a party bag with the pokeballs to make a fun goody bag to hold party favors.  


You will need:


Ping Pong Balls(we bought 144 on Amazon for under $8.00)


Duct tape (any color)


Red Spray paint


Black Artist Tape (found at a local arts and crafts store)


Cardboard box to spray paint the ping pong balls



How to make do it yourself Pokemon Pokeballs

Great for Pokemon Go parties!


How to Make Pokeballs


Wrap 1/2 of a ping pong ball with duct tape.

Set the ping pong ball on a board or inside the box that you will be using to spray paint the ping pong balls.  The extra tape on the bottom of the ping pong ball will stick it to the painting surface and keep it from rolling around. 

Spray paint the tops of the ping pong balls with the Red Spray paint. 

Let the paint dry at least 2 hours before removing the duct tape.

Wrap the black artist tape around the center of the ping pong balls.

If you can't find black artist tape you can draw a black line between the red and white sides of the Poke ball with a black permanent marker.
Use the Pokeballs for Pokemon Go party games, decorations or party favors!

More fun Pokemon Go Party Ideas including Pokemon party games, activities, party favors, goody bag ideas, decoratons, invitations and much more! All the ideas are on one page so you can pick and choose what will work best for your child and the party guests.  See the Pokeball Invitation tutorial below for a fun way to announce your party!

How to make Pokeball Invitations - free printable!  See our Pokemon Go invitation page for step by step instructions on how to make Pokeball invitations. 










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