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Jungle Party Ideas


Jungle Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


Jungle Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
Buy or make invitations with a Jungle theme such as green leaves, vines, or a jungle scene with monkeys, tigers or any jungle animals.
Send out invitations on leopard print scrapbook paper that are tied to a small pair of binoculars.  On the invitation write ... "Get spotted at _______'s birthday!" 


Stamp or draw different jungle animal tracks on the front of a blank card. 

Tiger or Leopard print on the front of the invitation.  Also see our Safari Party  and Monkey party pages for more jungle party ideas! 







Jungle Party Games

Jungle Monkey in the Middle Game
You will need a ball or a stuffed monkey to play this game.  Have all the party monkey's gather together and form a big circle.  The birthday child is the first jungle monkey so have them stand in the center of the circle.    Give the ball (or stuffed monkey) to one of the children in the circle.  The children in the circle take turns throwing the ball back and forth to each other while trying to keep it out of reach of the monkey in the middle.  The child in the middle of the circle tries to catch the ball.  If they catch the ball then they trade places with the child who threw the ball.



Jungle Relay Races
Set up several relay races using Jungle themes.  Separate the players into two teams.  On the relay course you will need an object that the kids will need to run around or touch on the other side of the playing field before they can return to their team and the next person in line takes their turn.  A large potted plant or stuffed animal on a chair is a great idea for a turn around point in the relay race.


Fun jungle themed relays:

Snake Crawl - Crawl on your belly - arms, legs, hands and feet cant be used.

Monkey Run - Run with your hands touching the floor.

Tiger Balance -  Balance a stuffed tiger on your head.

Elephant Walk - Walk like an elephant - clasp your hands together and then hold them down in front of your body like an elephant trunk.  Swing your trunk back and forth as you run through the course.




Tiger by the Tail
Catch a tiger by the tail with this tag style game.  All the party guests are part of the tiger.  Have them line up and hold hands (during the game they can't let go of each others hands!) so that they are in a long line.  The player at one end of the line will be the tigers head and the person that is at the end of the line of kids will be the tigers tail. 


The object of the game is for the head to tag it's tail.  It sounds simple, but with all the other kids in between that are holding hands it is challenging.  The head is trying to tag the tail and the tail is running and hiding behind all the kids in between.  When the tail is tagged they become the new head and you begin again. 




Piranha Fishing Game
Party guests "fish" for prizes using a fishing pole (bamboo poles work great) with a string tied to a clothespin.  For the Piranha pond you will need something that is going to cover up whoever is in the pond giving out prizes so that the kids can't see them.  The illusion is that the piranhas are putting the prizes on the line. 


Make the piranha pond from taping several large boxes together, a sheet over a card table or behind a place in the party venue with a half wall such as a pass through bar or island.  The kids cast their lines into the pond and the "piranhas" attach candy or small jungle themed prizes to the clothespin on the end of the line.  Then the kids reel in their prize or candy.     



Jungle Treasure Hunt
You will need lots of plastic jungle themed animals or use leaves that you cut out of construction paper.  Before the party hide the objects all over the party venue.  When it is time for the game tell them that they are to try and find the things you have hidden.  If you are giving out binoculars for party favors give them to the children now so they can use them during the game to spot the hidden objects.  




Amazon Jungle Relay
There is a lot of water in the Amazon Jungle just like there is a lot of water in this game!  This is a game that is best played outside because it involves moving water over the playing field.  You will need a large package of plastic straws for each team, 2 large water tubs, 2 funnels, 2 cups and 2 see through plastic containers that are equal in volume.  Set up the tubs and the see through containers for each team so that there is an equal distance between the tub and the container - about 20 - 25 feet is good. 


The object of the game is for the teams to put together the straws so that they make a long tube that stretches from the water tub to their container.   They will race to see see which team can put together the straws and move water the fastest through them to fill up their container first.  They can use the cup or funnel (or both) to place water into the straws.  The whole team will need to help hold up the straws and make the water flow.  Very fun! 



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Jungle Party Foods

Fruit kabobs
Hotdog snakes - cut hotdogs lengthwise into 4 pieces and cook - they will curl up and look like snakes.
Gummy worms
Jungle Fever Juice - Pour several 2 liter bottles of Sprite in a large bowl.  Place scoops of lime sherbet in the bowl of Sprite.  
Animal Crackers




Jungle Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Animal print sunglasses
Barrel full of monkeys
Animal masks
Discount coupon to your local Zoo




Jungle Goody / Loot Bags
Jungle print bandanas - place party favors in the bandana and tie the ends together
Jungle print bags or small boxes




Jungle Party Decoration Ideas

Print, color and cut out animal tracks that would be found in the Jungle and tape them to the sidewalk, driveway and walkways that lead to the party entrance.  Hang vines from the front door and entrance to the party made from brown tissue paper twisted together into thick vine shapes (or simply use strips of green crepe paper that are taped to the door frame and left to hang down).  Gather large tropical plants and place them close together at the entrance to the party to guests will have to move the leaves aside to get to the door. 


Make vines by twisting different colors of green tissue paper into long ropes - then attach them to the walls of the party area.  Cut out large leaf shapes from different colored green construction paper or scrapbook paper and tape to the walls near in between the vines. Group large and small plants together for a jungle effect.  Place small stuffed monkeys, toucans or jungle birds in the vines and plants. 


Decorate party tables with a dark green tablecloth and light green plates, napkins, cups and flatware.  Decorate with artificial plants and ferns.  At each place setting place a safari hat and a small pair of binoculars (these can be used during party games and as party favors).  


Find some fun and inexpensive Jungle Birthday Party Supplies for the party!


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