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the best boys party games for boys birthday parties


The best birthday party games for boys birthday's.  Only the best games have made it to the list of favorite boy party games. 

These games are suggested for boys ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 years old. 


See our party games for ages 2 and 3 for younger children. 

For party games for boys and girls
see our party games page. 




Party Games for Boys


Most of these games require no special items - just everyday things you have around the house.  If you have a few cups, balls, and a big area to play in you have everything you need to keep the boys happy and entertained for the entire party.


If you have a specific birthday theme in mind take a look at our party themes - all of them have additional games for boys to play that reflect the birthday theme. 



Wrapped Like a Mummy Game
Teams wrap each other in toilet paper.  Teams of 3 will each get two large rolls of paper.  One of the team's members will be wrapped like a mummy and the others will wrap them in toilet paper.  The first team to have both players finish their rolls wins.

Water Balloon Games
Over 50 different water balloon games to play!  Have fun choosing from this long list of great water balloon games.  Water Balloon Games



Sponge / Water Relay Games
Run relays where the boys will try and fill up their milk jug first.  It's harder then it looks because they only have a small sponge to gather the water.  Fill a big plastic tote with water for both teams. Players race back and forth across a large area soaking up water with their sponge from the big tub and then trying to get as much as they can back to their milk jug.



Leaky Cups Relay
This relay is played just like the Sponge Relay above, however instead of using sponges the boys use plastic cups with a few holes poked in the bottom.  This creates a slow leak which gets the boys wet and makes them run faster to fill their team bucket. 



Outdoor Party Games
Our favorite outdoor party games for boys - squirt gun games, water balloon games, pool noodle games and many more! Great for outdoor parties in the backyard, park or playing field.  Over 120 great games to choose from for your party. 



Sword Relay Race
Use foam swords for this fun relay race. Divide boys into teams. Give teams a container with 20 gold plastic coins. Set two baskets or treasure chests at one side of the room. Give the sword to the first boy in line on each team and have them balance gold coins on their swords while running to the treasure chest.


After they deposit the coin they run back and give the sword to the next pirate in line. First team with all of their coins in the treasure chest wins. If a coin is dropped they must go back and place their coin back in their teams container. Then the next person in line grabs a coin and begins. 
This game is great for a Pirate and also a Treasure Hunt or  Prince birthday party.




Race Relay Games for Boys
Divide the boys into teams for these games.  Lay out a playing field with an orange cone or chair at one end of the field so the kids will have to run around it before heading back to the starting line.


Have the boys race by: 
Bouncing a basketball
Crawling on all fours
Balancing a Frisbee, bean bag or water balloon on their heads
Holding a ball or Frisbee on the top of their feet
Wheelbarrow race
If they master the races throw them a curve and have them do all the races while walking backwards.



Obstacle Course
An obstacle course is a great boys party game.  Set up one in the backyard with hoses, elevated boards, a trampoline, slides, gyms, large boxes, etc.  A fun idea for a boys obstacle course is make a mud pit they have they have to wade through ... then when they are almost finished have a water balloon station where the other boys can throw water balloons at them to clean them off - or instead of water balloons give the boys squirt guns.  They can compete individually against a stopwatch or as teams against each other.  


Boys Tag Games

An easy game that boys love (and that will tire them out!) is the game of tag.  Here are fun variations to the game. 


Freeze Tag 
When a boy is tagged he has to freeze and not move.  They can be unfrozen when another boy (who is not "it") tags them.   "It" tries to get everyone frozen at once and then they get to pick who is "it".



Character Tag Game 
Boys have to call out TV or Movie character names when they are tagged or they become "it".



Super Tag
"It" gets help whenever he tags another boy.  When someone is tagged switch teams and become an "it".  Then they start tagging boys along with the original “it”.  The last person tagged becomes the new Super "It".

Flashlight Tag
Play outside when it is dark.  This is a cross between tag and hide and seek.  Boys hide while "it" counts to 100 - then takes a flashlight and tries to find the other players.  When "it" finds a hidden player they trade places with them and give the new "it" the flashlight.




Traditional Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Played by teams of boys going door to door in a neighborhood and asking for items from their list.  A sample list on a neighborhood scavenger hunt could be:  an old shoe, teaspoon of flour, green crayon, popsicle stick, band-aid, etc.  (Make sure you send adults out with each team.) 


Once the items are collected the first team back to the house within a certain time limit wins.  Those who get back late are given a penalty - 1 item for every 5 minutes they are late.    Free scavenger hunt lists - 2 different scavenger hunt lists that are free to print out.

Video Scavenger Hunt
Make up a list of crazy things the boys must do to collect points and win the game.  Send out an adult with each group and a video camera (most cell phones have this feature now)  Some fun ideas for the boys to do are taking a video while standing on one foot in front of a yellow car, making a human pyramid on someone's front lawn including the owner of the house, walking a dog around the park etc.  Use video cameras to record the silly things on their list.  When all the groups get back sit down and watch the tapes together. 



Picture Scavenger Hunt
Boys use digital cameras to photograph the crazy things on their scavenger hunt party list.  Since you are using pictures instead of collecting the items the list can be really crazy! 



Bigger Better Hunt
The object of this scavenger type hunt is to be the team that returns with the biggest or the best item.  Start by making two teams and giving each team 1 small inexpensive item ... a paperclip, penny or rubber band.  Then boys take opposite sides of the street and go door to door asking if to trade their item for an item that is bigger or maybe better. 


Here's an example a team chooses to start with a paperclip and they take it to a house on their side of the street and ask to trade the item for something that is better or bigger.  The neighbor trades the paper clip for a quarter.  Then the boys then take the quarter to the next house and asks to trade it.  The neighbor might give them a coffee cup.  Continue on until time runs out or teams are happy with their trades and feel they have the biggest or best item.   (Some friends played this one time and one team carried home a color TV!)



Island Scurry 
Cut out five (or more) large shapes out of poster board - about 12“ x 14“. Decorate them to look like small islands.  Divide boys into two teams.  Teams get one more island then the number of boys playing.  Tell them they must use only these five islands to move across the room and back  (or if playing outside make the space at least 25 feet).


They must take the five pieces and move their team by having everyone stand on the pieces together, taking the back piece … moving it to the front and so on. If they step in the “water” then they must start at the beginning. No one can be left behind - they must all move together.  This is a great game for teamwork!  The more boys in each team the more fun!



Treasure Dig
Fill two small plastic pools with sand.  In each pool place 40 - 50 pennies then mix them into the sand so they are hidden.  Divide guests into two teams and have the stand behind one another in a line. 


On "go" the first person from each team will run to the pool and search to find a penny.  When they have found a penny they will run back to their line and place it in a dish or piggy bank for their team.  Set a limit of 5 - 10 minutes for each round.  The team with the most pennies in their container after the time is up wins. 



Cops and Robbers
Divide guests into two teams - cops and robbers. Set up a “jail” on one side of the yard and a “bank” at the other side of the yard. In the bank place a bowl or basket of 10 water balloons. Also set up a spot to be the robbers hide-out - no cops are allowed in the hide-out. The object is for the cops to protect the water balloons.


The robbers must take as many of the water balloons to their hide-out (without breaking them) as possible without being caught by the police. The police may catch a robber by tagging him and then taking him to jail. The police must actually take him to the jail. Once in jail the robber can only be freed if another robber tags him. After one game switch it up and let the cops and robbers trade places.



Place two blocks of wood or low step stools about 2 feet apart. Two at a time give the Prince and his guests a pool noodle and step up onto the platform. They have to try and knock each other off their platform with the pool noodle within 1 minute. Let everyone have a turn.



Sword Fight with Bubbles
Give each boy a foam sword.  Have several adults blow bubbles (or use a bubble machine) and the princes pop the bubbles with their swords.



Horseshoes is a fun game and one that is easy for everyone to play.  How to play horseshoes.   



Wheelbarrow Race
A fun relay type race to play with two teams.  Players choose partners and the first child gets on their hands and knees while the second player grabs their feet and lifts their feet off the ground.  They run wheelbarrow style around a marker (a hay bale would be fun ... use a real one or spray paint a box yellow to look like one) or a cone at the opposite side of the play area and then back to their team so the next pair can go.



Cow Patty Toss
You will need brown Frisbees and several hula hoops or large baskets for this game.  Divide boys into teams and have them line up behind one another at one side of the play area.  At the other side of the play area place hula hoops or large baskets in a pyramid shape - these are the targets that they will be throwing their "cow patty" into to score points. 


Tag each target with a different point value.  Give each player three tries to make as many points as they can.  This game can be played individually too.  * You can use brown bean bags instead of the Frisbees.  This is fun for a Western or Cowboy birthday party.


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