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Have a Ball

Fun games to play when you have a ball and a group of kids.



Dodgeball - Avoid being hit by balls the opposing team is throwing while trying to eliminate the other teams players. 

Foursquare - Played on a large square divided into four smaller squares.  The object of the game is to move up to the first square and stay there. 

HORSE - Fun game using a basketball and basketball goal and trying to out do each others shots.

Hot Potato - Fast moving game.

Juggle Circle - Fun outdoor game for kids involving lots of balls.

Kick Ball  - Great outdoor game for kids played like baseball, but kicking the ball instead.

SPUD - Super fun kids game using a playground ball - fun for kids and adults to play together too.








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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