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Juggle Circle Game

Fun party or group outdoor / indoor game that uses several balls to play.

How to play the game Juggle Circle


You'll need several balls to play Juggle Circle.

Players sit in a circle.  Give one player a ball to start. The player with the ball throws the underhanded to another player in the circle.  As soon as the 2nd player gets the ball they throw it to a 3rd player in the circle.  Once the kids have had a few practice rounds with one ball then  introduce another ball at the same time. 

Both balls will be thrown to another player in the circle at the same time.  Then add a third ball ... and a forth ... and so on.  See how many balls the players can have going at one time without dropping them. 

Use balls of different sizes to make it harder.


Before a child throws a ball they must call out the child's name they are throwing it to. 

This game is fast paced and is great for hand / eye coordination. 







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