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Hot Potato Game


The Hot Potato game is a fun game for kids to play at a birthday party or with a group of friends.  It is easy to set up and the only thing needed to play is a potato, usually a small ball or bean bag, and a group of friends.  The kids pass the potato around the circle pretending it is very hot and they can't hold onto it for very long.  Fast paced and fun for all ages.




How to Play the Hot Potato Game


What You Need To Play The Game
Bean bag or ball for the hot potato
Phone, radio or something that will play music and allow you to start and stop playing the music.  


Note: Anything can be used for a hot potato - a doll, toy car, piece of fabric, or if you are playing the game for a birthday party use an item that matches the theme of your party.




Object of the Hot Potato Game
Don’t get caught holding the hot potato when the music stops playing.




How to Set up the game
Players in a circle facing each other and one of them holds the "potato".




How to Play

Start the music.  While the music is playing the kids pass the "hot potato" around the circle clockwise.   Stop the music randomly.  When the music stops the child that is holding the "hot potato" is out.  Start the music again and this time the potato goes counter clockwise around the circle of children. Continue the game until only one player is left in the circle.  They are the winner.


Variation:  Instead of players setting out if they are caught with the hot potato at the end of the round have them do a silly task such as 3 somersaults or run around the circle of players twice.  You can also create a list of funny tasks to do and write them on seperate pieces of paper.  Then the player has to choose a piece of paper from the the task jar and complete it before they return to the circle.  In this variation no one is a winner, but all the players have a good time both performing and watching the tasks.



Hot Potato Rules

The players try to pass the potato as quickly as possible without dropping it.  If someone drops the potato while they are passing it then they sit in the center of the circle until the round is over.


Hot Potato Game from Amazon


Variation of the Hot Potato Game


Instead of having players pass the potato they can roll the potato to anyone in the circle.


Instead of passing or rolling the potato players can underhand toss it to any player in the circle.


If you don't have music have all the players recite a nursery rhyme and at the end of the rhyme the player holding the ball is out.


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