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Ideas for the "You Must" Bowling Game

Print out these ideas for the "You Must" bowling game. 

Cut the ideas into separate pieces, fold and place in a jar.  During one round of bowling players must choose a piece of paper from the jar and then bowl like it says to.  

Free to print out and use for your next party.

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You Must bowling party game for kids, tweens, teens and adults



1.  Bowl like a ballerina

2.  Bowl like a football player

3.  Bowl like Frankenstein

4.  Use a granny shot (two hands)

5.  Frog hop

6.  Bowl like a very old person

7.  Bowl like a rock star

8.  Bowl while turning in circles

9.  Bowl blindfolded

10. Bowl like a prize fighter

11. Bowl with your feet

12. Bowl while standing on one foot

13. Bowl without using your legs

14. Bowl while dancing

15. Bowl like a soccer player

16. Act like the birthday child

17. Sing a nursery rhyme

18. Bowl like you are playing hopscotch

19. Bowl like you are a rabbit

20. Bowl without using your arms or hands

21. Bowl like the ball is super heavy

22. Bowl while holding the hand of a friend

23. Bowl through the legs of 3 people

24. Bowl like your favorite actor (let the crowd guess who you are)

25. Bowl while singing Happy Birthday

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