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What To Write In a Birthday Card


Here are the best birthday messages, jokes and puns to write inside a child, tween, teen or adult birthday card!  Make someone feel extra special  with these fun kids friendly ideas for inside a birthday card.


Birthday Puns


Birthday Messages


Birthday Card Jokes, Riddles and Knock Knock Jokes


What to write in a birthday card 



Over 100 great birthday messages to write inside a birthday card. 



Birthday Puns for Birthday Cards


Have an OTTER-ly great day!

Are you YETI for your birthday?

It's SHERBET day!

Have an a-MOOSE-ing day!

Age is irr-Elephant

Have a WHEEL-y good birthday!

You're one in a MELON!

May all your birthday fishes come true!

Have a RAWR-some birthday!

Have a TURTLE-y awesome birthday!

Wishing you SLOTH of fun on your birthday!

Penguin wishes for an "ice" day!

Have a TOAD-ally awesome day!

It's ROAR-rrr Birthday!

Have a Stu-PANDA-ous birthday!

Wishing you a WHALE-y fantastic birthday!

Sound the a- LLAMA! It’s your birthday!


Some BUNNY is having a birthday!


Happy birthday my PAW-some friend!!


LETTUCE celebrate you today!!

OLIVE you!

Llama just say Happy Birthday!


Whale aren't you fin-tastic?!


Words cannot EXPRESSO how much you mean to me!


I love you a WAFFLE lot!


It MOOSE be your birthday!


Birthday Messages for a Birthday Card


You are 4 years old which means you are 1460 DAYS old!

(Calculate the days for any age birthday!)

Reach beyond the sky, moon and stars!  Happy Birthday!


May you be blessed with the very best in everything! 


May the year ahead be filled with fun adventures!


May you be blessed today, tomorrow and always!


Sugar and spice and everything nice - on your birthday we wish you these twice!  Happy birthday! Happy birthday!!


May your birthday be as fantastic and as wonderful as you are!  Happy Birthday!


Wishing you a year of fairytale moments!


May all your wishes come true!


Big hugs and kisses with a bucket full of best wishes!


Wishing you a birthday celebration that is filled with fun and laughter!


Wishing you a pot of gold and all the happiness your heart can hold!


Enjoy your special day!

Have the best birthday ever!


I hope that your birthday is as special as you are!

You are a gift to the world and to me!


There is something really special about your birthday!  You!!

We wish you a day that is filled with happiness and a year full of joy!


Here's to 8 years of being awesome! (Change number to age of the birthday person)


How can you already be 10? It seems like just yesterday you were 9!!


Have a sweet birthday!!


Always say yes to party hats!


May the coolest kid I know have the coolest birthday ever!


Wishing you a magical birthday!

Wishing you sunshine and laughter today and ever after!


10 Years Of Being A Legend!


Sorry, no pony this year!  Keep wishing!!


Some only dream of cake. Others bake it happen.


You make everything so fun-fetti!

This party was the icing on the cake.


Birthday Jokes For Birthday Cards

Some of the best jokes to write inside a birthday card!

Why isn't Elsa allowed to have a balloon?
Because she will let it go.


What does the Stranger Things kids want for their birthday?

An upside-down cake



What is a rabbits favorite party game?
Musical Hares



What do you say to a cow on their birthday?

 Happy Birthday to Moo!

Why did the boy stand on his head at the party?

Because he heard they were having upside-down cake.



How do you tell how old an elephant is on their birthday?

Check their driver's license.

What is an old snowman called? 




Why are candles placed on the top of birthday cakes?
Because it's hard to light them when they are on the bottom.



Why don’t owls exchange gifts?
They don’t give a hoot!


Why do people write on birthday cakes?
Because everyone wants to have their cake and read it too!



What did the cake say to the ice cream?
You're cool.



Does an orange candle burn longer than a red birthday candle?
Neither one burns longer, they both burn shorter.



Why was 6 angry at 7?

Because 7, 8, 9.

(Seven ate nine)



What present do you give a 1,000 pound gorilla?
Whatever it is, they better like it!



How does every birthday party end?
With the letter Y.


What do ghosts eat at their birthday parties?
I Scream and cake.


How does a Spanish sheep tell you Happy Birthday?
Fleece cumpleaños!

What did the shepherd say to his sheep on thier birthday?

Happy birthday to EWE!


How do you wish a kangaroo a happy birthday?

Hoppy Birthday to you!

What always goes up and never comes back down?

Your age.



What did the elephant wish for their birthday?
A trunk full of presents!



What is one thing you will always get for your birthday?

Another year older.



Why didn't the Teddy Bear want birthday cake?

Because he was already stuffed.



What is a Snowman’s favorite part of a birthday cake?
The ice-ing.



What is a Snowman's favorite birthday song?
"Freeze a jolly good fellow..."

What kind of cake do they have in heaven?
Angel food cake.



Why is Happy Birthday written on top of cakes?

So you can have your cake and read it too.



Why do Genies like birthdays?

Because of all the wishes.



What did the cat have on their birthday?

Mice cream and cake.



How do you wish a Tiger a happy birthday?

It's ROAR-rrr birthday!



What is the worst music for balloon to dance to?

Pop music.



What do clams do on their birthdays?
They SHELL-ebrate.



What is the left side of a birthday cake?
The side that’s uneaten.



How do you wish a dancer a Happy Birthday?
Tappy Birthday TuTu You!

Why didn't the zombie cut his birthday cake?
Because he had no arms.




Funny birthday card knock knock jokes


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Bird who?
Bird day greetings to you.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Wanda who?
Wanda wish you a very happy birthday

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Gus who?
Gus who’s birthday it is today?!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Hippo who?
Hippo birthday to you…



Knock knock.
Who's there?
Abby who?
Abby birthday!



Knock knock.

Who's there?


Olive who?

Olive you very much!


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