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Texas themed birthday party ideas




Texas themed birthday party ideas for kids.  Everything is bigger in Texas including these great ideas for a Texas birthday party!  Fun ideas for Texas themed invitations, decorations, activities, games, food, favors and more.  Texas themed party supplies from Amazon

For more western style party ideas see our Cowboy and Western party idea pages.  





Texas Birthday Party Invitations
Buy post cards with the Texas flag on one side - fill them out with the party information and send to guests. 

Write party information and details inside of note cards with the Texas flag on the outside. 

Cut plain red or blue note cards into a Texas state shape.



Texas Birthday Party Decorations
Decorate with the colors of the Texas flag - red, white and blue.  Tie red, white and blue helium balloons to the mailbox to show guests where the party is located.  Tie red and/or blue bandanas from the trees & bushes outside the party entrance.  Set up some hay bales near the party entrance and scatter some hay along the pathway leading to the door.


Decorate the party table with red or blue checkered table cloths, hay bales, cowboy boots with flowers in them (yellow roses or bluebonnets!),  rope, horseshoes and cowboy hats.   Sprinkle star confetti on the party tables.  Place red, white and blue helium balloons around the party area - draw a Lone Star on the blue balloons.  

Call guests to dinner or to start a game by ringing a dinner triangle. 



Texas Party Activities

Texas Bluebonnets
Let the party guests plant their own bluebonnet seeds into a small terra cotta pot.  They can then decorate the pot and take it home with them as party favors.

Bluebonnet Fingerprint Pictures
Let the kids have some arts and crafts time and make a fun bluebonnet picture with their fingerprints.  Set out blue and white paints in shallow containers.  Have them place their thumb in the blue paint and make a bluebonnet flower ... then they take another finger and dip it in the white paint and press their finger just at the top of all the blue flowers they just made.  


Texas Party Games


Rattlesnake Tag
Party guests line up side by side and hold hands.  Players have to hold hands during the whole game and not let go. 

The players are the body of the rattlesnake. Choose a player at one end of the rattlesnake to be the head and the player on the opposite end to be the tail. 


The head player has to try and tag the tail player.

The body of the rattlesnake has to move as the head and tail move.  The head tries to hide behind the body ... so much fun! 

After the tail has been tagged then it moves to where the head was, the head moves down one space and a new player becomes the tail.  Keep playing until all the children have had an opportunity to be both the head and the tail of the rattlesnake.

Water the Horses

Teams try to fill up their water container before the other team.
There are different ways the kids can transfer water in this game. Use small Dixie cups, bandanas soaked in water that they have to wring out into their team bucket, large spoons or our favorite red solo cups - punch holes in the bottom so the water slowly leaks out. 

To play teams will need 2 large containers filled up with water. Set them at one end and set up two jugs that are equal in size (like milk cartons) on the other side of the playing field.

Teams run, one player at a time, to transfer water back and forth from the big water tub to the jugs.  First team to fill their container up wins the relay.



See our Cowboy and Western party theme pages for lots of party games that would fit right in with the Texas birthday party theme.





Texas Party Food Ideas
Texas style BBQ
Baked beans
Potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob
Peach cobbler
Anything Tex Mex - tacos, enchiladas, chips and salsa, queso
Texas Star shaped food (cut with a star shaped cookie cutter) - cookies, sandwiches, fruit


Texas Party Favor Ideas
Texas Flag
Bluebonnet seeds
Stuffed armadillo
Star badge

Texas Goody / Loot Bag Ideas


Cowboy hat

Plastic cowboy boot

Tie up party favors in a red bandana - tie with rope or raffia

White bags with a picture of the Texas flag glued to the front and blue and red tissue paper



Boys  Games

Stars  Theme


Survivor Party



Superman Party


Texas state flag - Texas party ideas








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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