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Salesperson Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Salesperson Mall Scavenger hunt list

In this different type of Mall Scavenger Hunt teams must ask salespeople in the mall for items on their list. 

The items listed below (over 40 of them!) are things that salespeople should be able to give the teams free of charge.   

The Salespeople must sign the checklist or send a business card to verify that it was given to the team. 

No two items can be acquired at the same store.

Free Mall Scavenger Hunt List
For directions on how to play see the Mall Scavenger Hunt page

Free for non-commercial use - if posting on the web please use a link back - birthday party ideas.  Thank you!

Scoring for the Salesperson Mall Scavenger Hunt: 

5 points for each item teams bring back. 
No two items may be from the same store.  
Salespersons initials required on all items.

10 point bonus for first team to arrive at the meeting place

10 point deduction for every instance of running, screaming or being rude to salespeople or shoppers

1 point deduction for every minute teams are late to the meeting place.

  Item Salesprsns Initials
1 Shopping bag -
3 point for the largest bag
2 Trash  
3 Menu from a restaurant  
4 Blue thread or string  
5 Paper clip  
6 Staple  
7 Napkin  
8 French Fry - can not buy it  
9 Employment application  
10 Credit card application  
11 Straw from restaurant  
12 3 Business Cards -
10 point bonus if one is named Mark
13 Old receipt  
14 Tissue paper  
15 Button  
16 Brochure  
17 Food sample  
18 Blue eye shadow -
3 point bonus if all members wear it
19 Calendar  
20 Hanger  
21 Name Tag  
22 Box  
23 Catalog  
24 Pen  
25 Pencil  
26 Mall Map  
27 Bead or Sequin  
28 Company letterhead  
29 Something broken a store was going to throw away  
30 Store display (fixture, mannequin, poster)
10 point bonus for team with largest one
31 Piece of tape  
32 Red Marker  
33 Empty video, DVD or game case  
34 Gift card envelope  
35 Safety Flyer -
7 point bonus
36 Glitter  
37 50 % off sign -
5 point bonus
38 Paper merchandise bag with handles  
39 Price sticker or price tag  
40 Clearance sticker  
41 Open or Closed sign -
5 point bonus

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