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Nature Scavenger Hunt List

A great Scavenger Hunt for outdoors! 
Use this Scavenger Hunt list to to let kids find items in a backyard, park, lake or while camping. 
For directions on how to use the Nature Scavenger Hunt List

The Nature Scavenger Hunt List is free to print out and use.  If you will use it on the internet please include a link back to .  Thank you!



1.  2 different types of grass

2.  Leaves from 3 different trees

3.  Large rock

4.  Moss

5.  3 different colored smooth stones

6.  Berry

7.  Pinecone

8.  Something plastic (explain how it doesn't belong in nature)

9.  Water reed

10. Animal tracks (draw them on paper after you find them)

11. Nut or acorn

12. Flower

13. Something red

14. Animal home (draw it on paper - don't disturb!)

15. Feather

16. Seeds

17. Wood

18. Stick

19. Something that make noise

20. Something faster then a snail

21. Something that fell out of a tree

22. Something that begins with the first letter of the birthday child's name

23. Something shiny

24. Something white

25. Something soft


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