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Pink Party Ideas


pink ribbons


Pink Theme Invitation Ideas
Glue different colors of pink circles on plain pink note cards.  Write party information on the inside of the cards with a pink or silver permanent marker.

Print out party information in a fancy font on silver or pink paper.  Roll up like a scroll and tie with a pretty pink ribbon. 

Glue pink boa feathers on the front of pink note cards. 


Pink Birthday Party Decorations
Tie white and pink helium balloons from the mailbox so guests will know where the party is located.  Tie different shades of pink ribbon from trees and let it hang down. 


Tie white and pink helium balloons around the party area and to the backs of the party chairs. 





Tie them in bunches as a centerpiece for the party table.  For weights to keep the helium balloons in place simply wrap pink fabric or tissue paper around any heavy object and tie up with pink ribbons. 


Hang different colors of pink tulle from the ceiling to the corners of the room.  Tie large pink bows on the backs of the party chairs with fabric or tulle.  Set out large silver candelabras and serving trays filled with snacks.  Hang strings of lights around the table and party area. 



Pink Party Games


Pink Scavenger Hunt
Played like a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt only the item list for a pink scavenger hunt has only pink items listed. 

See our Scavenger Hunt page for ideas on building a pink list.  Or go on a Mall Scavenger Hunt and only collect items that are pink. 



Pink Polish Spin
Place several colors of pink nail polish in the middle of a circle of girls.  Have the first girl spin a bottle of nail polish.  Who ever the cap is pointing to when it is done spinning must paint one of her fingernails that color of pink.  Then that person spins the next color of nail polish .... and so on.  Let the kids paint their toes also to make the game last longer. 



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Pink Party Food
Pink iced cupcakes and/or cookies
Sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses
Pink lemonade 
Pink cotton candy
Strawberry milk


Pink Party Favors
Pink lipstick or lip gloss
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink jewelry
Pink feather boas


Pink Goody Bags
Pretty pink boxes or bags tied up with pink ribbons.









Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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